Monday, April 20, 2009

Calf Fries Anyone? (working spring rest for the wicked this weekend!)

First and Foremost...You havent heard from me in a few days...why you ask? My Internet connection is I've visited you all, and a few that I've never read...but I cannot comment..I'm sorry as before please dont think I'm ignoring you. I havent had time to answer comments on my own blog..probably wont let me anyway *sigh*
The horses are really enjoying their new crib! Buck here found something interesting to smell and listen too. Dont you love that long doo he's sporting! If I could keep the others from eating his mane I'd be really happy. Any suggestions?
The weekend was absolutely beautiful. Warm and Sunny. Levi had to have his wet nose in usual.
We put Carrot out into the sunshine. That little bunny was so happy! I swear I saw her smile and mouth the words "thank you" to me!
On to farm business...
Saturday we worked calves. If you remember from earlier posts, that means the calves that have been born so far, got ear tags, vaccinated, wormed, and bulls castrated. We only did 1 herd so far...73 cows - 51 calves in that bunch. An 8 hour busy, dirty day. And I had fun! LOL
First we call all the cows and calves into a holding lot. They have been brought that way by Norm feeding silage to them, that way they are happy to go right into the lot...of course Saturday one cow refused to go her baby and her were left out. He was only a couple days old anyway. We'll get him later.
Once they are in the lot, they have Hay to eat and salt poured for them. The girls are very happy about the latter of the two.Neil wanted to move my car for me, it was in the way. Its a stick didn't move. Poor Neil...Neil Norm said he'd give you lessons if you want...just call and ask!!! I must add though that Douglas finally after about 20 tries got my car to start, and then even drove it in first gear a few feet...not bad for a 10 year old! Leah too finally after several tries got the truck started and she too drove a few miles. Neil just didn't have enough time to work his way through it.Then the sorting many calves as possible are rounded up and pushed into an area penned off in the same lot as the other cows. Cows that wouldnt leave their calves go in too..this is done until all the calves -momma or not-are separated...Cows sorted out of calves. They were pretty easy going. So sorting went smoothly.This next picture is funny! NO Neil isnt hitting her on the butt. He just has the prod behind her, she got blocked and spun around and took off...I think its funny!
We had 3 of last years calves that came late in the stock barn for feeding until they grew bigger. We had to move them out to sort and work the other calves, so they got loaded into the trailer. Do you remember my bottle fed calf from last year - Andy? This is him now!Douglas and I took a little break while Leah, Norm and Neil sorted the calves into different holding areas to work. Did I mention that Leah is fearless? She did such an excellent job Saturday, worked hard and I think she had fun at it! I was really proud to watch her...she picked up almost immediately how to watch a cows body language and she is a natural!Douglas cant seem to take a picture without a silly face.
Can you guess what this next picture is? It's not a hard one, I promise!'s Doug shooting his Air Rifle
Everything on the farm is green! FINALLY!
Below are our steeds that we use to cut and sort.....
Yeah I'd like to use a horse too, but these will have to do.
This momma was calling for her baby - quite loudly.
Here she is again giving me the ol' hairy eyeball look! She really wants her little one back! They were all so dang loud we could barely talk!
Here is a calf getting vaccinated:
Now - this next momma didn't leave the window into the barn the whole time....she was too funny, and obviously a very good mom!
Here are some others waiting for the job to be done and get the baby's back where they belong.
Then after everyone one is tagged and vaccinated and bulls castrated, we let the little tykes out by 3's or 4's...made sure they found momma and matched up and sucked...they were then (momma and baby_ sorted into the adjacent lot. Until everyone had been sorted.
They all rush over to see if the next little one is there's or not.

I probably posted too many pictures and didn't give enough information about the whole process. I've had one of those days where every thing I've touched turns to coal...not gold. More on that to visit and hopefully leave some comments.
nite all...


  1. Great pictures of a busy day! Did you actually fry up some calf fries? ;)
    Is Carrot for real? That looks like the softest bunny I've ever seen!

  2. What a great working weekend there girl! I loved the shot of you two hams together!Yea..I always did that too! Come to think of it..I still make faces!
    Whew....that made me tired..haing a large farm is tons of work..hope your toe is getting better~

  3. Mane eaters.... try tobassco (hot sauce) on his mane.... won't hurt him, and they won't like the taste one bit.
    Cute calves... looks like a good crop of babies you've got there... and a lot of work too... but good satisfying work.
    Take care my friend.

  4. Try tobassco sauce on his mane... it won't hurt him and the chewers won't like it one bit.
    Great group of calves you've got there... looks like a lot of work, but worth it :-)
    Take care my friend.

  5. ARG.... sorry for the double post... I thought the first one didn't work...

  6. Looks like a very productive weekend. That's a lot of calves to work.

  7. Girl in that getup anyone would think you were a farmer.LOL! Lets see. Tag. Vaccinate. Castrate (bulls)Weigh? And not be popular with all those mommas for stealing their babies for a little while. Love the photos too many nah all great. Spring is a busy time as I found. So don't sweat it about not commenting or being able to visit. You're BUSY which is great.

    Love ya gal with heaps of hugs.

  8. Howdy Ya'll...Nope we didnt fry them up...just thought the title was cute. I dont have the guts for that! LOL Calf Fries...gross! Isnt Carrot a doll! She is a loinhead! Andorable little sweetie! Yeah K it is a lot of work, but i cant take much credit..Norm does most all of it, I just really get the funparts! LOL HI Elaine! I never thought of tobasco sauce! What a good idea! All is well..I hope your doing the same. I havent left any comments for you...blogger issue again, but today i got DSL so catching up on I missed a lot the last couple few days!
    Hi there Christy! Yeah it was a long day, but I really find a lot fun in it too! We still have 76 give or take a few to do still!
    Hey Liz..I look like a farmer cause I look like a boy in that cap! LOL Nope we dont weigh..Norm can figure that out just by looking and weight when lifting if needed...I dont know how he does it but he is always dead on! Crazy huh?


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