Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Basket Surprise...which brings me to an egg question!

Yeah stormy again! Our Kentucky weather is crazy in the spring. I love watching the storms roll in though. We even had some hail with this storm. My boys didn't like this storm at all, my poor horses apparently didn't have enough brains today to go to the barn when it began to hail and just stood their with their rumps to the storm taking a beating! That's okay I have brain farts like that too at times!
I got a pleasant surprise this weekend...Pepper came home...or was she here the whole time? Probably the latter and I'm just not a good chicken hunter! I found her roosting on top of the hay bales but back in a little hidden hole, all fluffed up and maternal like. She scolded me harshly when I scooped her up to place her in the coop. This is why...
Yep.....10, count em' 10 eggs she was sitting on. I imagine she's been mostly sitting on her bundle of eggs and hasn't come down to eat much. So now for my egg question....The oldest egg in this stash is as least 10 days old. So how old is too old to keep and how does one tell if an egg is bad?
I spent the morning with Mari. We rode to PT together, which today was wonderful on my back! Then to lunch and Michael's. I think I can say this is the first time I've been to Michael's and haven't bought any art supplies! In fact I resisted the urge to even go into the art isle! *patting self on back*
Nice morning.
Douglas got his allowance for last year...yep I pay him either every 6 months to a year so that he saves his money and doesn't waste it on piddly stuff (which he will do, he thinks if he has a nickle he has to spend it.)
With what he was saving I bought him an air rifle. Its slightly stronger than a BB gun...but still safe enough for him to use. He was in Heaven! He has missed shooting the invading species that are not indigenous to Kentucky. So needless to say, he hasn't come in doors until its bedtime since he got his gun.
I'm visiting my friend Michelle who has recently had some major health problems and going to sit and visit with her tomorrow. It will be nice to just visit and be of some assistance if she needs it. I have to say again that she is such a remarkable woman. She sent out and email to all her friends wishing them Happy Easter, and her attitude of thankfulness amazed me as she spoke of her joy of Gods love and precious gift he gave us all. Her hopes and spirits are high.
No new calves in the last several days...we still have about 56 cows to calve yet. We are almost out of silage now. The herd of 74 is getting the last of the silage every other day. The other herd of 36 is off the silage. All the pastures have grass growing now, and to avoid grass tetnie they are given minerals. That green spring grass can kill them without the proper amount of mineral. If anyone is wanting to know what kind of mineral they are given to avoid that and when it should be given just let me know.
I'm looking for some new kittens for the farm to rid the barn here at the house of mice and rats. I haven't seen any rats yet but I'm sure they will end up there too if I don't do something now. The mice have a whole community moving in...they gotta go. Having Sam live in the barn for 2 years kept the mice population to zilch! (Sam came up missing several months ago after a week of coyote activity.....) So it's time to refill the barn with some playful kitties!
My kitchen still smells so good after making soap and lotion bars yesterday! I finally got in my new fragrance and essential oils I've begun to prepare for the craft show on the 5th.
I've neglected my soap blog and need to do some updating on there as well....maybe tomorrow.
I also need to post in my personal blog...maybe tomorrow too.
I'm off to visit some blogs now and catch up...hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
"You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one." - James A. Froude


  1. The best way to find out how fresh an egg is is to submerge it in a glass of water. A very fresh egg will sink. That's because it barely has an air sac in it. Slightly older eggs will begin to float at the large end. A dangerous egg will float. It's easiest to boil and peel eggs when they are at least a week old. By then, eggs are just beginning to float on the big end.

    I would be willing to eat an egg I found outside that was up to two weeks old but not until I'd cracked it in a separate dish and taken a good whiff of it. Eggs found indoors and not subjected to the heat of the sun are probably still safe to eat at 3 weeks. Eggs are hermetically sealed and are safe to eat much longer than what you hear from the food safety Nazis. Think about the fact that a mama hen sits on eggs for 21 days and they don't rot during that whole time.

  2. Hey there girl

    Happy Easter!!! Hope everything is going good and the spring is being kind to you. On the eggs the water test that Amy has mentioned is the one to use. If it floats get rid of it quick. Haha I like that Food Nazi's. Good one Amy.LOL!

    Love and hugs to you

  3. Hi there again, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I love hearing from everybody! Sorry about your toe...they sure do hurt don't they? In hindsight, of course I can see how it could have been avoided, but it's far too late now. I hope your toe heals quickly and you get back to wearing shoes again...they sure are handy things aren't they?? :) At least mine wasn't broken, like yours...sorry. Glad to hear your King is doing fine once again - thanks to his caretaker's efforts! These horses are so dadgummed needy and then they repay our painstaking efforts by stomping on our toes!! What is up with that!? Go figure...
    On another topic, I love your blog. Your life sounds just about perfect to me. I would love to be self-sufficient too, however we only have 5 acres and that's not quite enough to do a whole lot with. But, we are blessed anyway. You need barn kitties huh? Boy, do I ever wish you were I have some cute kitties/mousers for you!!! We have about umpteen cats and are at our wits end as to what to do with them. Do you think they could be shipped??? Now there's an many do you want?? I'll get right on it!!
    Take care and enjoy the spring. Blessings from Lorie aka cingspots.

  4. Thanks Amy and Liz for the info!!!!! Amy i should have known to just ask you first! LOL
    Hi Lorie and thanks for visiting! I dont know if life is "perfect" but it sure is good! LOL Hey 5 acres is great!!!! Dont sell yourself short! You ARE blessed! hey ship me those kitties!!! LOL I look forward to visiting your blog again reguarly! I loved it!

  5. Whooeee! I know all about the crazy Spring weather. Here it is April 18th..and we've got several inches of snow on the ground...and we won't be free of future snow fall until after May.
    We only get a short stint of Spring in March..and then winter again...and then in June: Summer. lol!


  6. Lisa! I've missed your visits!! (HUGS)
    Snow????!!!! Hey we have had snow up into the month of May before...HATE IT!!!!
    Lets both pray that summer will be here soon! I've been enjoying your pics with that new camera of yours! I havent been able to leave comments often, but I've been visiting...happy birthday to your crew over then!


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