Sunday, May 03, 2009

Silent Sunday

Funny Feather Friends Flying (into my window all weekend!)

Hope they stay around and build a nest here!
New bull (leased) going in with the heifers! None of them quite knew what to do with each other.
2 more leased bulls..they loved the ladies!
Sniff Sniff!

Sad isnt it?

Sleep Softly Sweet Ellie Girl -passed today....

Awww who doesn't love a bunny!
Buck.....and his long Rocky Mountain locks
Or is it Cousin It? How does he see?
Last weeks storm rolling in...
Can you guess what this is? Yep a Turkey ear!
Flowers from the neighbors yard.


  1. You are a talented photographer. Don't believe I have ever seen a turkey ear before!

  2. Oou la la!
    Nice shots -ALL- dear friend... really beautiful !!!
    I was laughing with the girls standing, just off, from that Bull! And the cat appearing after the bird..I hope they do nest for red and pretty!

  3. Great shots! I love the one with the bull and the heifers. That is too funny!

  4. Thanks guys! My still photos are on my photography blog.. 'd never seen a turkey ear either! LOL I took all kinds of pics of that turkey! LOL K I wish those birdes would quit trying to get into the wondow! I dont know whats up with them!


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