Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Neil!!!!!

You all have heard me talk often about Neil.....but you may not know who he is.
Neil is Doug's best friend and the older son I never had.
Neil loves to hunt and fish (hm mm wonder why he and Doug get a long so well??)
Norms right hand man really isn't me...its Neil. He has worked many hours on this farm alongside of Norm and has learned a lot about how to run a farm and take care of cattle. He is always there to do whatever it takes that's needed without question and is always eager to help Norm, or any of our neighbors out. This farm isn't only cattle, there are fences to mend or move around, a lot of lawns to mow, bush hogging, plowing, cutting and baling hay, moving cattle, fixing equipment, vaccinating cattle, sorting cattle, WHATEVER needs to be done, Neil's done it with Norm.
Neil loves wrestling...why I have not figured out yet....now that The Rock isn't wrestling any longer why would anyone watch it??? Hmm must be a guy thing. Neil makes excellent grades, cares about school, his family and his friends more than most. He is the biggest hearted guy you could ever find and his maturity is well beyond his years! It's hard to believe Neil is only 15 years old today....and we often forget that...like when Norm has him drive his truck from the back of the farm to our house here (ALONE! ON THE ROAD!)....lol..I'm sure he enjoys it when we all forget his age!
So if you haven't been able to tell...Neil is a big part of this family and this farm! We love you Neil and we're glad you had a great birthday today! We are very honored to share this day with you and every day that you are in our lives!


  1. Happy Birthday Neil thanks for being a great friend to Doug.

    Hey Rae big big hug and love

  2. Your mother in law says Hi. Last night was fun at Neils birthday party, food was good too.

  3. Neil sounds like a fine young man indeed... I'll add my birthday wishes too.

  4. HAPPY B Day to a awesome young man and huge help by the sounds of it!

  5. Thanks guys for your comments..he is a great kid and a huge help around here!


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