Thursday, April 02, 2009

Peak into the Past

When I was searching for pictures of my horse Babe...I got to see a bunch of pictures I hadn't seen in a few years. Some are really funny, or cute, interesting or just us...thought I'd share them with you! Enjoy!The boxer above was my dog Cain...I didn't get him in the divorce...That was terrible to leave him, Cain was an excellent dog! People think boxers are either mean or out of control and bouncing off the wall all the time...Nope just the opposite..very good dogs!Just us!
If you notice in this picture, the bottom left hand corner...that was my Koi Pond I made by myself...I miss it! Some bird pictures...I love birds! The two bottom left are a male hummingbird and a female to the right sitting in my wisteria bush...they got to where they didn't mind me at all and would often land very close!Molly, Buck, Georgia, and the little pony the little boy is with is Chigger...a great and gentle smart little girl! She belongs to my friend Johnny.Pics of some of the cats in my life, Bo when he was little, and a few of my cat Gracie's kittens..who were always in trouble, but as you can see..Like to read and fish!
Today was a really beautiful day! A high of 72f and sunny! We had a storm roll in tonight, but nothing big...tons of rain though! I'm curious to see how many inches we get in all tonight!
Guess What? Nope, Guess again? Nope...I GOT MY HAIR ALL CUT OFF! WOO HOO I love it! I used to wear my hair this way for a long time, I'll get a picture and post it in the next day or two! It feels sooooooo good! I dont look so frumpy anymore! I asked Sarah (my hair dresser) to make me look thin, well that didn't work! LOL Actually my face does look thinner with a shorter cut. I'm happy!
Today was house cleaning day, and I didn't get finished because our friends Donnie and Michele called and asked us to go out with them to dinner (Texas Roadhouse - which we spent WAY too much money just to eat there!). She had stopped on the way home from work to get some scratch off lottery tickets and won $40.00 and didn't want to cook, so we went with them. They are pretty fun to be around. Douglas is spending the night at their house with Neil (his best friend). I'm really excited about tomorrow! I pick Leah up from school and she'll be home for half of her spring break! Saturday we have plans with Mari to go to the Japanese Restaurant and then to a movie! I cant wait, I havent been to eat Japanese or a movie in a long time!
I plan on cleaning the barn this weekend, mucking stalls and such. Neil and Doug are working on the shed I'm turning into a chicken coop and possibly Goat Shed.....Its plenty big enough and will keep the goats here by the house to make milking easy. I'm wanting to till up where I want my flower garden to be, but we have a huge pile of limbs the ice storm brought down, to burn first. *sigh* Its time to plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm making the garden with paths and a small area smack dab in the center for a wrought iron bench and 2 matching chairs we have! Bird feeders, plants for the birds (humming birds too), and butterflies! I cant wait to get what I have in my mind on the ground!
I know I keep saying this, but I really will email you back, who have emailed me. Kacy I need to re-read yours again before I respond....I dont want any of you to think I'm pushing you to the side. It's just been busy this week! Well...gonna run!
Catch up later!


  1. Great pics! I really enjoyed looking at them. I love the pond! I really want to do that in my yard but that won't happen. I can't dig down any further then 3 or 4". Maybe when I get my mini farm :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. OH!! It always cracks me up how I am reading along and all of a name is there in type! hahahahahaha!
    You are so funny that way Rae!~

    Well can;t waint to see the new do on YOU...I was thinkin today...hummm should I wiait till 50 to make my short hair (&without color) apprearances? Yea..well, it was bugging me today ant the I gave everyone else that sweet little spring cut a refreshing look!
    it is:
    I already found some people that are too- too funny with the animals .I will love to read from them and share.
    Don't work too hard..hoipe your calves are going to be better.....
    See ya


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