Saturday, April 18, 2009

Horses Horses and MORE Horses!

Today was fun...picked Leah up, and then we moved the horses around. Lots of musical chairs this weekend. We are working calves and moving the bulls, getting 3 of the calves from last year we didnt wean yet and putting them off to themselves. So in order to do all this and for Norm to make me happy, we moved alllllll the horses here to the house where I can see my babies ALLLL day every day! WOO HOO! I was excited as they were! (I posted some video at the end you MUST see!) So enjoy pictures for the day! I'll have more fun ones tomorrow...we are working calves (vaccinating and that dreaded castration of the young bulls! Oh goody! We sure know how to have fun around here!!!!)Here is Molly, Buck and Bella waiting in the trailor to be unloaded in their new home...I dont think Molly has ever been here to this pasture behind the house! King and Jack are in there now, and we are slowly going to add the others one by one so there is no fighting or bickering too much. Buck and Bella above and below! My! Isnt Bella All pretty prancing around!

Well there she goes again, camera hog! She demands attention!Here are all three "horsin around!"
Now THIS is what I call having fun and kicking your heels up!Awww my pretty boy Buck!And again.....having a good time exploring and wearing themselves out!Now its movie time, grab your popcorn and a coke and sit back and enjoy!

Number 2

Numbers 3 and 4 the last is King and Jack all handsome!

I'll blog more tomorrow and tell about our fun day and answer comments from the last 2 posts! Sorry guys been busy busy busy! Will visit you as well...good night all!



  1. I am the first comment YAY! I love the videos!! The pictures are great and the horses look so healthy and happy. Your part of Kentucky is so pretty. I love it down there, not too many hills to block the view, its more open. i like it. it was a nice day today too, great for pictures and videos!

  2. Hi Rae woman!
    I am soo sorry to txt you soo late...but you DID answer pretty fast that made me feel a bit were still UP!
    I loove seeing horses in a nice large area to play in! Jsut like when I moved my Mare...she could finally run.
    You will love seeing tham all the time...this is gonna be good!

  3. Awwww! I loved seeing your horses just enjoying being horses. They were having fun!

    Whew. It does sound like you've been busy.


  4. oh yeah my daughter renee is definitely going to want to see these photos :-)

  5. Great videos, thanks for sharing. Yes, it's fun to see them just being horses....the way they're suppose to act naturally as a herd together! Lovely!

  6. I love the action picture of Molly. She seams to be having the time of her life. I know they are all better over there with you all so they can have more to do than just sit(stand) in this lot, doing nothing. All of you(people and horses) have fun.

  7. They do look happy! It will be nice to have them where you can see them all the time.

  8. Isn't it fun when you get out there and do fun stuff with all the animals. Funny you're moving your horses back to where you can see them I'm just in the process of moving my two off our farm for the winter. I'll miss seeing Sasha and Edward in the mornings. LOVED the photos!!! I want to come over and go for a ride with ya gal!LOL And thanks so much for your love and hugs when we lost little Yowie it meant a lot to me and the girls

    Love love and more love

  9. The photos and videos are great! Thanks for sharing. They look so happy being home :)

  10. Thanks Libby...did you get that peice of land near Rough? So whats going on with that? Would love to have you closer!
    I agree Kac..I just read on yours how much weight Wa has lost due to all that great exercise she is able to get now! I think we have some healthy and happy horses!
    They were so much fun to watch Lisa! Glad you came by to visit! I've so enjoyed your pics on your blog with that new camera!
    Hi Amy did you show her the pics? I bet she liked them~
    Thanks to you too Luanne...I have a blast watching them any time they do something much fun!
    Hi Gin and Christy...they are having a blast..even today 3 days later they are still trotting about!
    So Liz - why do you move the horses for the winter and where do they go! I bet you will miss seeing them greatly! It makes me sad! Hey I told you anytime you want to take a trip to KY and forget all your cares in this world to come on over!
    Hi Karrie...I loved taking them and watching teh videos myself! I'm glad you enjoyed them!


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