Sunday, April 26, 2009

DSL coming tomorrow...attn:Spinningyarnfromthefarm! Bloat info

And its a really good thing! Blogger has given me so much trouble, maybe cause they have been working on the cable for DSL?? Thats my guess. I FINALLY got this one picture to upload. Geez I have so many to share....but I'd overload you if I was even able to get them on here.
So YEA me! Tomorrow sometime between 12 and 5 the dude will be here to get us into the century!
I have to start with Today I reckon. The weather was just perfectly awesome. Sun sun sun and more sun. And to top it off it was perfectly warm! I got all my bird feeders out, I cant wait for the song birds and hummingbirds to begin to visit! I am trying to plot out my flower garden..not much luck with that one. I just cant decide what to do. We have the humongus pile of limbs from the ice storm burned finally so Norm will disk up the ground and till for the garden. We already got our seeds and a few started plants Friday. I'll have to tell ya what I got in a seperate post just about our gardens. I wont bore you with that today.
I sat outside staring at my feeders waiting for song bird...nadda. Hummingbird? Nadda. The neighbors have already had them, the first ones showing up 3 days ago! I cant wait till they find me. Besides, it was so beautiful I just couldnt pull myself away.
Saturday Mari and I took a nice trip to Louisville to meet some others from our Etsy team. had a great time, and I really enjoyed walking down the streets to get there, so much charater! They were running the big marathon before Derby so our road was blocked. So we had to park further away and it was a great little walk. We had a really good time. We went to a fabulous resturant..Lynns Paradise Cafe. Its been written up several times in Southern Living and in all the mags during the KY derby season. Its also been on one of those chef shows..dont ask me which one. Its the one where the guy tries to make a resturants dish better than they do. It was a great day. I was disappointed to see hardly any dogwoods or red buds in bloom along the highway like they always have been without fail, until this year. They are a soft wood and I guess the ice storm of the centry really hurt them alot. What a bummer!
Saturday evening when we were checking calves we found one dead. From what we dont know, she was fine on Friday when they were checked. A disappointment there. And another one sick with scours, skinny and weak. We tubed her with vitamines (one was B12 which will stimulate her to eat) and electrolytes. Mom didnt even come to us she was off in the field. The calf niver even bawled..she was that weak! So we loaded her in the back of the truck I held her while Norm drove and we brought her here to this barn by the house. We also gave her an antibiotic shot. This morning she was somewhat better, and took the bottle from us eagerly. With almost little to no fight. Usually we have to tube them their milk a few times and really work on getting them to take the bottle, espeically if its a calf that is a few months old. But not her, very easy going calf. I was hoping I was gonna be able to keep her she's got the temperment I really want to raise and keep as a pet, and hopefully teach her to nurse orphaned calves. But today we took her back over and put her in a lot with her mother only. Both took up with each other and the calf drank. So as long as she eats good she'll stay with mom, which is the best scenario.
Friday i put Molly in with King and Jack. I had all the horses seperated by a gate so they would get used to each other before I let them in all together. However Buck acted stupid...and the lot is made with guard rail and We didnt want anyone to get hurt. So we just put the other boss horse in...Molly. They were the easiest horses I've ever seen to get introduced to each other. I dont really know which one is the boss of the two yet. Only 1 time did they turn their butts to each other and kick! That was it. I'll do another post tomorrow about that. I am hoping that with the two bosses together they will put Buck in lin when I add him and Bella to the bigger pasture with them.
Spiningyarnsfrom the farm was talking today aout her calf having bloat. Its very unusual! So be careful. calves dont get it because they can get up in any kind of postion so they dont get their backs down hill like a grown cow. Its seen in cows when they over feed in grain or feed. But I guess its possible for a calf to get bloat of he eats too much. I wonder if he is on feed already or still taking a bottle? How many times a day and how much is he drinking/eating? Their are only two ways to correct the is by insertine a tube down his throat to his belly to release the gas...the other is to aspirate the gas by a needly making a small hole in his side into his gut. Like I said they can bloat and be dead in minutes so its important to call a vet right away if you think thats what's wrong with him. Getting him to burp by patting or squeezing his belly will not release enough gas to correct the problem. I hope this helps!
Tomorrow Mari and I start walking. I'm determined to shed the weight! Wish me luck!
Well I'm heading to bed...long weekend and I'm tired.
Catch up tomorrow with everyone!


  1. I wish i had done spell check i betcha ther are tons of misspelled words!!! i type fast, faster than my brain..sorry guys!

  2. HI*ya sweet! I know..I type so weirdo too...I always need to check mine for the mistakes!

    WOW..glad the warm is hitting. Those Dogwoods will be blossoming in no time flat. Ours just really popped out this weekend!
    I too need to do the birdfeeders and fill the humingbird juice. We did a yard walk today too,plannig out the flowers and trying to get rid of some blasted bulbs..that were here when we moved in, and they are taking over!

    That restaurant sounds heavenly..I love Southern Living Mag..anything in it!
    Good that you planned to start walking after visiting it, huh!I love to notice so much around you and meet some nice people sometimes too.

    I am looking forward to your DSL for you! I know how frustrating slow connections can be...just fries my grits and wastes time!

    See you tomorrow!

  3. Oh cool and here was me thinking that perhaps my changing my profile picture to a town gossip had turned me into a blog troll. BLOAT? Oh no! this link should help too great site. Sounds like spring is in the air and yet again I have to go through another yukky winter. Sooo unfair..well it means I'll just have to save harder for the KY Trip gal.

    Hugs and love and more love
    Liz and the girls say HI RACHEL!

  4. Stupid google wiped out my comment growl..Hello there girl. KY Derby time cool! Love the photo so so gorgeous. Here's a link on bloat and treatment if that will help
    I'll be back over a little later to comment a little more gal.

    Love love and more love plus some hugs

  5. Hey K! I think unfortunatly the Dog woods and red buds are a no-go this year. There are some blooming about an hour north of us, they wernt hit as hard as us from the ice storm. They should all be in bloom by now *sigh* Got the DSL! WOOOO HOOOO I've been planning my gardens still....that resturant was great!
    talk soon!
    Liz we all know your NO blog troll, had enough of those those lately havent we! ? I love that link you gave me, awesome! Covers soooo much about cattle! Yes you should be savings for real!
    love to you and the gals!


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