Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where is the sun?

94 Calves to date!!!!
We have had too many grey days. Today was a little sunny and slightly warmer, tomorrow is supposed to be very nice and sunny...H-72f!!!!!! Next week they are calling for temps in the mid 80's! I cannot wait! Winter has seemed particularly longer this year, even though it has been milder than the last couple ones we had. We didn't really get much snow, and except for the major ice storm we got, it wasn't bad. Just seems like 5 months of overcast days to me.
With that said, the last two weeks have been pretty blah for me.
I've got about 50 soaps made so far for the craft show.
Lovely (Sara Jessica Parker Type), Golden Goddess, Stress Relief (BBW), Imagine :love type, simply goat milk soap with Tea Tree oil for problem skin, an antidepressant soap, (both made with essential oils) just to name a few!
I've got several men's fragrances I'm making tomorrow - Dolce & Gabanna for men, cool water for men, Polo blue to name a few. I still have many more to make, and then the tedious job of listing them all in my shops.
I tried to leave comments yesterday, and today. I was able to leave a few...but not all.
Two in particular at this time I want to leave for friends. Liz - I'm so terribly sorry about Yowie! how heartbroken you and the girls must be! Love you all and big hugs!
Kacy - again...keep your chin up...remember to breathe and smile!
I have many more things to say to everyone but super is needing to be made, so I'll post again later.....
Take it easy all!
Love -Rae


  1. Wow! That is one big preschool you have going there. The new scents sound really nice. Take a minute and breathe when you sit down for supper!

  2. Man, that is a lot of calves! How do you take care of so many?

  3. hi Rae, yes that sure is a lot of calves girl, how do you manage when they are calving?

  4. Holy tons of calves girl!
    Is that your new HC in the profile pic???Cute Pic Rae!
    Thanks for the smiles and thoughts to me sweetie!!!

  5. Well at least they're not wearing diapers.
    I thought having twins in diapers was challenging! hah!

    Trying to catch up around here. Everything looks so different!

    All Good, though!


  6. LOL yes its busy...luckily we dont have to do too much with the calves each day...but when we work them its hectic and a long day. We just worked 51 last Sat. and still have several more to go in another herd. OMG Lisa! Diapers! LOL We'd be broke! ha ha. Glad you came over missed you!
    So to each of you..thanks for coming over and your comments...yes I did take a breather, warm bath with my handmade bath salts and went straight to bed...I didn't sleep the night before,,,literally. Insomnia is a curse!


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