Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Kentucky Turky Street Team...I HAVE DSL!

I can finally read and see all the beautiful blogs with cool backgrounds! And leave comments! YEA ME! Friday night Neil got a whopper of a turkey when he and Dennis (Mari's hubby) went hunting. He was proud!Quick Draw a.k.a. Neil a.k.a 3 shot a.k.a Doug's best and favorite friend, and his big Tom Turkey! GREAT job Neil!I think this is THE best and my favorite picture of Neil!!!!!!!! Neil you are a cutie pie! You know we Love you!This is Neil's Dad Donnie he got a tom Saturday Evening!The tail spreadI HAD to include Buster and Nick, Maris dogs...just too cute!Buster (above) has the funniest and cutest personality! He is human more than most humans! I love that little boy!
This last one is Nick...what a cute picture...we finally got him to quit running for a few minutes to pose for a portrait!
Had a good Friday!...More posts (3 or 4) below this one so keep on reading if your not too bored already!


  1. I love it..yea, you have returned to us!
    Your photo's are great Rae! And yea, too cute ans stud muffin on the 4 track there!
    Nick's pic is calandar perfect!
    Come and vote, Yea or Nay!

  2. YEAH! Congrats! Hard to believe when I first started blogging, I had dial-up, too. I don't have DSL (I have high-speed wireless, it's fast, but NOT as fast as I wish it was!)
    Great pictures, love the fan of the turkey tail! Have a great week!

  3. Rae! Wish your mother-in-law was as good with the blog and you. But I'm learning. Neil is so handsome and an adopped grandchild. Talked to him on Saturday and he was thrilled to death about the turkey he got.

  4. Superb gobbler! Good job Neil. (He IS a cutie pie!)

  5. Hey Kacy! Back to bloggy goodness! I got so busy and totally discouraged last week and the week before I just didnt post! I'm back now so look out! Nick wouldnt sit down once except for that quick pic..Mr energy! And isnt Neil a doll, I just love that pic of him! Its so neil!
    Hey PG - Having Dial up really is terrible to try to do anything at all. My dsl isnt the fastest either but I'm so thankful and doing happy jigs about it!
    Hey Gin..you'll get better! Keep on trying, dont worry you wont break the computer! Promise. Anything can be undone. He sure was proud wasnt he?
    Hi Amy! great to see you I was finally able to down load your blog completely and see all your great pics and stuff!

  6. Wow! That's some Tom Turkey! YUM! Wish the boys could get over here right now and blow away some of the pesky turkey's trying to eat my garden up!LOL. Duck Shooting starts here this coming weekend and the turkey's will be on the shotgun list. Love the dogs and the photos. Yes DSL makes such a huge difference. Me I'm stuck with dial up but my connection isn't too bad

    Hugs and lots of love

  7. HI liz! I've been by and still have your blog pulled up from yesterday morning, but I have not had time for comments until now and I have to run, picking Leah up early from school today. Isnt that a great kilL! He sure was so happy and I bet they wish they could come help you out with you turkeys! DSL rocks!

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