Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'm pooped...attitude of gratitude

Another good day on the calendar!
(dont forget to keep scrolling down after this post...I put my fat mug up with the new hairdo!)
The kids and I went out today with our good friends, Mari, Michele, Neil, and Michaela. We went to the movies and dinner. Michaela and the boys saw the new "The Fast and The Furious" and they thoroughly enjoyed it! The rest of us girls watched "The Knowing", again another great Nicholas Cage movie..had us on the edge of our seats...but the lady in front of THAT was entertainment! She was a hootin and hollerin during every suspenseful moment and sat LITERALLY on the edge of her seat the whole time! We got a few good laughs out of her!
We then went for Hibachi Japanese...TOTALLY awesome and the kids first time! (Leah went when she was little but she didn't remember it.) We all got a kick out of our Hibachi cook..he was fun. As they are cooking they usually flip some shrimp or a piece of the food around the table and you have to try to catch it in your mouth...I hate those things! LOL But I was a good sport, and unlike Doug and Neil,,,the girls all got hit in the nose or the forehead with egg...Oh well I'm just happy it was scrambled! LOL
All in all it was a very good day! Neil and Michaela came over afterwards and the boys tortured each other and the girls with Doug's rubber band gun....*sigh* boys! They are all good kids though and fun to have around. We had a couple storms roll in (wonderful Kentucky weather) we were lucky no big deal but others up north of us got some tornado watches and warnings. We are in a tornado watch until 1 am, though unlikely that we'll get one.
Leah's been working with some ground manners and trying to teach Jack the basics of lounging....he does great until he gets to where the gate is to go into his pasture...he rears up and Leah has to hold on tight, but today he came down on top of the guard rail and slit his skin open under his jaw. We are not working him again there until we get a proper round pen built. Those guard rails are too dangerous if he is going to do that. I'm not taking the chance. He is taking the bit wonderfully! Leah's done a good job, and now gives me something to build on this week. I'm still just so terrified of getting my broken toe stepped on!
The only thing missing today...some chocolate cake! Been wanting some chocolate cake for sometime now...hmmm now I have plans for tomorrow! LOL (along with some PT for my back...that I dont really want to do at all!)
Did I mention how crazy Kentucky weather is??? Today was sunny with a high of 74 degrees! How awesome is that?! Tomorrow....H-39f with snow chances!....Tuesday same forecast- then we move on to Wednesday with a H-52f!!!!! No wonder why so many people are sick this time of year!
Attitude of Gratitude:
  • Good friends to share my life with
  • norm - he is always making things flow, works hard, and keeps me grounded and somehow pulls it all together
  • my children who keep me smiling every day
  • my horse-loving friends who have helped me learn so much lately
  • each sunrise I get to see
  • the good friends my children have come to know
  • the sound of rain on the window
  • the sound of crickets in the night
  • chocolate cake ( ha ha had to put that there)
  • my Savior's grace that is a soft cushion to fall
  • unanswered prayers
  • and those that have been answered
  • my dreams coming true each day
  • contentment
  • good movies and good food with friends
  • my community of truly great people
  • Good night all!


  1. Thanks for leaving that sweet comment on my Journal. How did you find me? You have quite an operation going down there. Love the idea that you make soaps.

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! We had snow last night here in Illinois...we'll just send it your way :)

  3. Yeah, the weather is crazy here too! I'm ready for it to just be warm all the time.

  4. Hey Lori! I think I found it from the Sunday Stills Challenge???? I enjoyed reading!
    Hi there Kelly...please DONT send your snow my way! ha ha..I'm so ready for summer its not even funny.


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