Monday, April 27, 2009

Horse Introduction.....hmmm good and bad.

I LOVE this picture of my boys! How cute is that? Jack seeking King for comfort the entire time and King protecting him. So sweet!
So the introduction went well. Well it didn't start out that way! I put the other 3 in the lot behind the barn where everyone could see and get to know each other. HMMM bad idea. Its surrounded with guard rails and at one point as Buck was acting pretty ugly King got his neck scraped against it! Scared me too death but only loss hair. Whew. We decided on letting Molly in first so that King who is the boss gelding and Molly the boss mare would establish a relationship. I'm hoping in doing so little Jack will be kept safe. I am worried that being so much smaller, yet not being cut and may possibly have the urge to prove himself, would get hurt. Buck really acted a fool through the fence, so we put him and Bella back out into the other pasture for now. Molly was so thrilled to be here that she didn't even pay them any attention. Only 2 times did they show dominance! I was so pleased they fit right in with ease, and after about 30 minutes..all where grazing and relaxed! How great is that?This is the first time Molly showed a little of herself. The most fun thing to watch was how Jack stuck to Kings side like glue! As if he was his mom! This could be a bad thing though when Buck is let in..King and Buck will tussle some I'm sure even though King, Buck and Bella have all been together all last summer. I'm worried Jack will unknowingly get in the middle on accident since he is sticking to King for comfort.I also LOVE this next picture of the wind blowing those manes! So intently looking at Buck and Bella across the yard! Look at Jacks confidence while next to his big friend and body guard!

They watched Molly for a few minutes and they all just galloped around the whole pasture for a big, exhausted, decided to eat. Ah the horses life! I didn't get any film of them because my dog Levi couldn't handle it and had to join in the game..I spent my time calling him back, so no video and no pictures of that. Figures
Below are 2 of the videos I took.

The second is the second incident of bossiness!

All went well...I'm dreading introducing Buck..wondering if I should let he and Bella in together or by them selves and which one first? I'm thinking Buck.

Next post information.

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  1. HAY there sweets! Like the look of the place! Cute header with all the calves!
    How is the mare gelding division going?


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