Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My How I've Grown!

I can't believe how fast time has flown the last couple years!
My boy Levi is 2 years old now! Here is a look back in time - my how he's grown!First introduction to cows!
A walk in the park...4 months old
What a good boy from day 1!That's his typical pose...tongue hanging out with joy!
He has been such a special guy! we almost lost him last year to Parvo, had his hospitalized for 4 days, and thankfully he pulled through. What a sick little puppy he was! The kids and I were terrified that he wouldn't make it...but he bounced back and is doing well! He thinks he is a cow dog now, loves his calves, his kids, his momma, and his farm! We sure love his happy face, well except when he is following the car and getting in front of us when we try to pull in! That's a little aggravating, but we love him anyway. The Chickweed has been blooming in all the fields turning them into a carpet of purple..I thought this was a pretty picture.

This week has been so busy and fun! We went bowling tonight with our friends Michele and Donnie and the kids in tow! I BEAT YOU DONNIE! HA! IN YOUR FACE! :-)
Leah and I both got new haircuts in the last week...Leah's looks so pretty!
Leah is calling for me...we recorded American Idol and I must go watch my show! Peace out! Will visit you all soon!


  1. Wow! That field is beautiful. Happy birthday Levi, a good dog is a joy.

  2. I enjoyed your photos and I am so digging your header image :-)

  3. The photos are beautiful. happy birthday to a sweetie dog!

  4. It is so fun to come and take a peek at life on your farm! Thanks for sharing your life, family and fun. Happy B-day to Levi- I agree with Christy above who said a good dog is a joy! I am an AI fan too and really enjoyed the show last nite- what I saw of it. I think Adam has a great voice but I was not a fan of his version of "Ring of Fire." Last nite he was fabulous! The best of the nite. I'm a Danny fan though and would like to see him go all the way. I missed his routine last nite but I got the feeling he didn't do well. He's got to pick it up to out last Adam, Lil, Matt, Chris and Allison. She sang great but WHAT WAS SHE WEARING??? I was really surprised that Simon didn't comment on her outfit.
    Have a great one!

  5. Hi RAE...made it back! We almost couldn't even come back yesterday...trailer lights went south!
    Okay...In honor of LEVI's B-Day...please move him up in the photo sidebar to replace pepper look on the comments here!!!! That chickens pic creeps me something fierce!No offence pepper...just the angle , I am sure!

  6. Rachel, the computer nerd is trying to say hello. Levi is 2 years old? Yes time does fly. I'll keep watch on your blog and try to learn how to get on. Have a good day all of you.

  7. Hi Christy! that field only stayed that purple for a few days, and then faded...lovely! I'm glad I was able to take some pics of it! Hi Amy! I couldnt get on your blog...when my internet turns from dial up to DSL it wont be an issue.
    Thanks Cathy..Levi is a doll, a bit goofy, but a great dog none the less.
    Hi Caprice..thanks for the compliement! I sure love our farm, and probably talk about farm stuff too much! LOL Adam is my favorite too..but would you believe the night he supposedly did so great my DVR stopped recording and I missed it! OMG was I mad! YEah...what was she wearing??? Hideous really wasnt it! LOL
    Lol Kacy you crack me up...I'll move Levi up above Pepper for you! LOL She seems to be saying "I' watching you!" LOL Glad your back safe and sound and had a great time!
    Gin! You left me a comment! You did great!

  8. Levi is so darn cute! I have a chocolate lab, and his tail never stops wagging. They are the happiest dogs ever.

    That chickweed is such a beautiful carpet of purple!

    And 89 calves!!!! Wowwie!


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