Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Attitude Of Gratitude

But some pictures from today first!
Torro - Still not feeling well..and has developed a cough...has had a shot of LA-200 (antibiotic) in case he is developing Pneumonia. Notice his ears out to the side ....a sign of not feeling well, or also when the ears are drooping.Pepper thinks she is now a cow.(notice Giants tongue...keep that in mind as you scroll down) She hangs out with them ALL day and follows them everywhere..she has even begun to follow them more than me! They moo - she clucks...strange strange bird! I can say one thing...Pep is full of personality!Giant wanted me to take a close up....He also has scours now...figures. So both boys are on electrolytes.Keeping guard of her boys...Pepper the babysitter!
Levi likes to think he is a cow dog...well actually he thinks he is a cow these days...I have been seeing him spend a lot of his time behind the lake where we have separated the heifers that have calved...a nice big pasture...he plays around with the calves...and they don't seem to mind, they've known him since birth...he usually doesn't chase..but would rather lick noses and unfortunately...calf butts.... I cant keep him from eating cow patties. One gross dog if you ask me...but now his boys in the barn - he tries to lick from the bottle while they eat....weird.
But he is a handsome boy regardless...just don't let him lick you! eeeewwww!
See told you he thinks he is a cow dog!Great picture I think! Actually he and the calf are playing...again they have been around him from they aren't afraid of him one bit...they do however get tired of the chasing game after awhile.
Now for the BEST pic of the day!Okay now back to the tongue....Giant is Wagglers son..she didn't make it and died after her prolapse, poor thing her whole innards. I will miss seeing her wag her tongue! *frown*
Well....all day today I see Giant with this pose:
Like mother like son! His tongue was sticking out a lot longer than this picture...and when he sticks his tongue out to try to get the bottle in his is THE longest cow tongue I've ever seen.....except for his mother!! It must be genetic...unfortunately since he is a bull we cant keep him and the genetics end here....well maybe not..she has daughters born here over the last 15 years so maybe they will throw a heifer with the same wagging tongue!
Ummm still thinks she is a cow!
That's how a day with the calves went! It was a beautiful day with a high of 63f...and super sunny all day..birds singing everywhere..calves playing - Spring has definitely begun on the farm. I haven't asked Norm the calf count as of today..I haven't gone with him to feed since a week ago when I broke my I have to ask when I get a chance....
When I first started my blog over a year ago I came across someone doing a post each Sunday called Attitude of Gratitude.....and I thought it was such a great idea I started doing that myself. Recently Weaver of Grass did a Thankful post which brought to mind my old Gratitude list I'd post each Sunday.....she inspired me to start it here ya go!
Attitude Of Gratitude:
  1. Thankful Doug made the trip home from his Dad's safely.
  2. My wonderful daughter comes home Friday until Wed (Spring Break)
  3. My toe is feeling better.
  4. King is healed and doing well.
  5. I have the joy and blessing to look out my back door onto a beautiful farm each day.
  6. I also get to feel the presence of God as I walk through my farm.
  7. I enjoy making soap. And people enjoy getting it.
  8. I have many supportive, encouraging and loving people that I call Friend.
  9. I am who I am and I accept that.
  10. Spring is here
  11. summer is on its way
  12. sweet tea
  13. dove chocolates
  14. I get my hair all cut off tomorrow!


  1. yay spring and summer soon for you! No more freezing cold wind right? Your animals are quite humourous and funny when you read about what they are up to :-)

  2. Those calves are so darn cute, especially Giant with his tongue sticking out! I also have a Chocolate Lab, but he favors horse manure. Labs will eat anything! Levi looks like he is having alot of fun with the calves.

  3. Glad you,cows,chickens,dogs and everything else are doing ok. Have a good day,until I check in again.

  4. Bottle babies are so stressful! But they are cute, I hope they both feel better soon. I'm sure having a chicken around to love them is helpful.


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