Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today My first song birds, info on Bald Eagle, and my goofy dog!

First things first! I'm really excited cause we got a sighting of a Bald Eagle this morning. We dont have too many of those here in KY and in fact they were reintroduced a couple few years ago. We had one come last year..only stayed for a couple months, and didn't appear to have a mate. They doo mate for life. This morning Doug ran in all excited saying he saw one..I couldnt see what he could when I went out. However yesterday I told Norm I heard what I thought was an Eagle, so different than the usual hawks. After 10 minutes Doug ran back in..this time I saw him clearly! An adult Eagle!!! WOO HOO! He flew off toward the neighbors farm. I thought I had seen one of them again and when Mari and I took our walk this morning, we finally found out it was an Osprey. Thankful for Mari's camera and her zoom! He didn't show up on mine at all but a little spot in the sky. She has one of the Osprey sitting high in a tree with a fish in his talons! So cool! We watched him dive in toward the lake, scoop up a fish and fly back into the trees. I just had a ball...I LOVE the raptors!
I put up my Hummingbird feeders yesterday all over and this morning early I already had my first ones! I was thrilled.Many other song birds were checking out the feeders, but they were too scared to come and eat. here are a few:Male Goldfinch...had a female too, but didn't get her pic.
next, our state bird. The Cardinal. This is a male, he had a mate with her but she was up too high in the tree to get her pic. My goofy dog can and does entertain himself quite often.On our walk today A little Paint turtle was crossing the road...yep..I HAD to save him, typical me..I do these things a lot, just happy this time I wasnt in the car and stopping in the middle of the road..I'm a sucker for all animals.
We saw some spring wildflowers growing...I forget what Mari said its name wasThis is a great picture Mari got of goofy boy!A good day in the warm sunshine!
Tomorrow update on the local Turkey Hunting Pro's! Donnie, Neil, and Dennis! The Kentucky Turkey Street Team! Ha thats what I'm gonna call ya'll! Below are 3 more posts, how the horse introduction went, garden and garden seed info, and then hmmmm maybe it was only two more below this...geez I just cant remember! Typical me!


  1. Hey, you've been one busy farm/ranch girl!! Everything is so green back there...beautiful place you have! Between your garden, cattle operation, horses, goats etc...you barely have time to sleep! Enjoy the spring and don't work too hard!

  2. Hi gtyyup! Yeah we are busy, but it comes in spurts...we really try to manage things to where we arent bombarded at once.
    Thanks for the compliments! I love our farm thats for sure..hence taking so many pictures! LOL You enjoy spring too and you dont work too hard!

  3. I love your goofy dog. How can you NOT smile when you look at him?!?


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