Saturday, April 04, 2009

Simply Saturday - new doo

We've been pretty busy so I havent really had much time on the computer. Yesterday we picked up Leah and went to the grocery...and cleaned a little house...I was pretty tired when we got finished.
Today has been a good day...I've wasted the first half of the day though. Leah and I - well actually Leah - worked with a bit in his mouth - very easy, and worked on leading and staying out of your space..and beginnings of lounging. Well like I said Leah did, I was scared of getting my foot stepped on again. And Jack sensed that and wouldn't even lead for me! LOL He did well going to the right in a circle until he got to the gate back into his lot...but when he felt the tension on the rope he immediately turned and looked at Leah and chewed...sign of understanding. After a few times he did much better. However turning in a circle to the left...he didn't really get that...but we ended the session on a positive note of leading and backing...he was calm and chewing and happy at the end. That was good for today..probably 30 minutes in all.
Tonight we are going to the neighbors to visit and then going with them and Mari to the movies and time ahead! We are thinking Tuesday we will go bowling! We haven't done that in ages.
So we have a full weekend planned.
Mari - I got in your Amazing Grade Fragrance Oil...smells JUST like your perfume..I love it! Cant wait to make you some soap and body butter with it!!!
I got in a bunch of designer and other wonderful fragrances and essential oils that are just to die for and to make some awesome products!!!!
Gonna head..Peace out, be back on when I can!


  1. mmm Japanese food, my favourite! Sounds like you're keeping busy. btw I like the new hair do! oh and could you message me your other blog password? maybe on twitter or email?

  2. Awesome pictures! LOVE the new do! Sounds like you guys are making a lot of progress with the horses too. Sounds like fun!
    Isnt it fun to get in a shipment of fragrance oils? Me and Maylee go thru them all sniffing one at a time. She loves it! I guess its at that point she decides which soaps she will steal when I turn that oil into soap LOL

  3. You look super cute! I hope you guys had a fun night out!

  4. Thanks guys!!! Appreciate the compliements! Amy I'll email the invite to you again...Yes Libby Leah and I had a blast sniffing all the new yummy fragrances..the box smelled awesome! LOL Thanks Dusty!


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