Monday, June 01, 2009

Attention all horse lovers- Weekend on the farm

I couldnt have had a better weekend! First let me tell you that I have accomplished something really big! I'M BACK IN THE SADDLE after many years!
YES! Thats me! (ignore the 4-wheeler's all I have until I get a proper helemt this week!) I have had this terrible mental block for the last few years about riding again...mind you...this has been a really stupid mind block. I rode last year at a friends house on a horse I didn't even know with no problem, Rode again right after that on Bella when I aquired her...and she is the hardest to handle of our "ridable" problem. Rode 4 years ago on Babe all the time...definately no problem! King is our babysitter, but for some reason the last year realy, I couldnt make myself get on without leggs shaking like crazy! But Sunday..for an hour and half Leah and I rode and I did well!!!!! Okay when Leah ran Bella up a hill and King decided to follow in the same manner I did kinda freak out!!!! Could have beat my child for doing that! LOL But he is very disiplined and I got him to slow to a jog rather than a full out run!To tell you how good my boy is...When Leah had her friend over two weeks ago they rode for 4 hours and they both are good intermediate fear really...and King was in the lead ahead of Bella, and Bella has a fast little motor and likes to run it in 5th gear! But when I got on..he falled back and walked ever so carefully, when we got back too far he would trot up and immediately slow back to a slow walk when we got close enough to Leah and Bella. Told you he is a babysitter! He doesnt like to leave the barn...throws his head around (how do I correct that?) so tonight I've asked Norm to trailor us over to another part of the farm and gonna ride - SOLO! I already cant wait.
Even my Brother Josh rode (along with his dog following a long for a few miles) and John rode around while being led....Leah even convinced him to slide off Kings rump!!
Both horses were tired, sweaty and ready for some hay...Molly and Buck were jealous of all the attention!Another really awesome event with the horses is little Jacks huge accomplishment...bit-bridle- and saddle for the first time!!!!! Talk about a good boy! Can you believe he never even flinched when he got all dressed up!!!! A surprise to us! The chinch wasnt very tight, but enough so that you'd think it would have bothered him...nope! He will make a good horse! Smart as can be...already have found out that he can untie any knot though....We also got the pontoon boat completly cleaned! Now to see if the motor works! Sure hope so! The sky was so awesome that evening as a storm rolled in!
Then there was Douglas - LOL he and his air rifle are inseperable...and he loves to shoot the overabundance of carp in the lake....he usualy cant get to the ones he kills...but not this time...he waded out (as you can see from his clothing, and brought this slimy thing home...he was so proud as you can see! It was a pretty good size one...but small for whats in there...some are HUGE...he wears a size 10 1/2 so you can see its size.
So one good weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm glad you were able to get back up in the saddle without fear. Here's to many happy trails in your future :)

    Lots of great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. Glad aboutyou riding again Rachel - you look so happy and so confident up there. Looks lovely countryside too.

  3. WOWEE girl BIG-ol-weekend for you all!
    Nice t
    I am sooo laughing it up..I thought you were talking about cleaning the Pontoon boat-saddle up( you had mentioned the tack being really grungy in an earlier post)Because it looks too large and pontoonish on little jacks!
    Then, I saw the actual boat!!!!

    Well, glad you got to ride!!! Your horse jsut may be exibitiung poor behaiour, not wanting to leave the ranch or teeth? More time leaving and cirlcling as you go..make changes in direction and keep him guessing. Trailering off sounds good too.

  4. That is great. My legs get shaky all the time when I get up in the saddle. But I have been thrown, bucked off and fallen off and so on and so forth and believe me I still get on. But I have found parelli and now I play with my horses first to see what side of the corral they got up on before I ride and I am still working alot on the ground before I get on. We just got our pontoon boat out of storage last weekend. We love our boat.

  5. Hey there you are! You have been busy! and having fun. Someday I AM going to come down and visit and we can ride all day! LOL! The first horse I ever rode was named Marcy and she was just like King. I rode her bareback for the 1st time when it was snowing and I starting leaning to the right and she somehow got herself right under me to put me back in the middle. Don't know how she did that but I am thankful since I would have been kissing the ground. Keep in touch! Miss you!!!

  6. Rachel everything looked great. Wish I could have joined you,Doug,John,Josh,Norm,etc. I know all of you had a great day.

  7. Thanks guys for the encouragement...thanks to all of you I've been able to get up there and FINALLY ride! LOL King is a babysitter...why I have a fear is beyond me! Karrie..horses know what to do more than we do! I havent been online much at your messg on artfire..will email you back! thanks bunches for the great feedback!
    Yes Kac....that saddle does look like a pontoon on Jack! LOL I cant believe how good he is at everything we have asked of him! Almost time to geld....he is getting feisty!
    Lisa, I'm glad I'm not the only one with shaking boots! LOL You all are so sweet! And thanks to each of you!


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