Saturday, June 27, 2009

A day at the lake!

Today was a good day. Douglas and I went to Nolin Lake to visit with our friend/neighbors who have a house there. (the picture above is a view of the hill we have to climb up you can barely see the house from the about a long hard wear-you-out walk!! We swam for about 3 hours and went to the neighbors beside them Ronnie and Carrol and ate a huge meal! It seems that each time we are there there is a cookout! I'm not complaining! Except that I probably added the 6 pounds I lost right back! it was some great food!
The kids had a blast playing in the water and I finally got some much needed sun! Here the kids are all waving at me!
Douglas and Neil had a lot of fun playing Marko-polo (sp?) and Neil had fun throwing Doug into the water off his shoulders. Poor Michaela in the background looks like she has fallen asleep! LOL
We always have a great time, going out on the boat fishing, and laying in the sun! I do have to say it really wore me out and drained me, the sun was so hot about 93 degrees today and not a cloud in the sky...I have no idea what the heat index was but I can tell you it was hot!
Back at the farm:
Pepper is doing well free ranging, so far she has kept the kittens at bay and in fact they seemed to not really be obsessed with her yesterday. I know she can defend herself with those claws, I'm actually more worried about the kittens loosing an eye! LOL
Norm didn't get to go with us today to the lake, since its supposed to rain and storm again tomorrow he had to stay back and finish planting the soy beans that got flooded out a few weeks ago.
Molly had been a little sore footed, and since she wont let us pick her hooves I was worried about her. She gets a little rank and since she is SO big its something I dont attempt! She foundered (not badly) several years back and a shoeing makes her a little sore, but this happened a week or so afterwards. She actually has pretty good hooves even with the founder, and bounces back quickly and I noticed today she is fine and dandy. I intend to start working with her picking up her feet, but I've had so much here to do and like I've said recently I've just had too much going on and havent done much with the horses at all.
Did I tell you I went the other day to see Babe? Larry isnt keen on giving her up and I was afraid he was going to back out. But now its a done deal and I'll be happy to have my special girl back home with me! Leah and Douglas are just as excited, Leah thinks its so cool that Douglas will get to learn to ride on the same horse that taught her to ride. And yes I meant it that way - Babe did teach her to ride! She was all fat and slick and just as beautiful as ever. Her age (about 14 or 15 yrs) doesnt show and she looks like she is about 8 or so. She is in great health and shod all around, ready to go! WOO HOO!
I've been looking online for some used tack. I want the works (not really needing a saddle but if I found a great price and it matched everything I'd consider it!). We want a tie down and nose band for King since he is into throwing his head around the first 15 minutes he rides. Bad habit, however the last time we rode he didn't do it at all. So maybe he has learned his little trick wont work. We are going to move Jack to another pasture for awhile, he needs to learn to not be so dependant on King. It's almost like we need to wean him all over again! And King worries too much about his friends when he is away from them. Big Baby's.
We will miss Bella - we are trading her for Babe- she is a sweet horse, but too much horse for all of us besides Leah. She is a great horse and very showy but you have to decide which is more important..Bella who we all cant ride, or Babe who we bonded so strongly with when we had her and who has taught us all to ride and can be ridden by anyone. There was no question for me...Since I had to sell Babe to Larry when I moved I've regretted it and longed to get her back.
Poor Buck got his nose shocked on the hot wire but is slowly realizing I'm not the one who shocked him! I think since I was feeding him both times it happened he thinks I did it! He has loosened up though.
Well off to lay on the couch and unwind from a long day at the lake!
See ya'll later, its time to post my Sunday Stills photos. Click here to see mine and others great pictures!
Later! ~*~Rae~*~


  1. Those horses are just tremendous - everything is just so very different from our Dales farm, but i love reading about you all. Best wishes.

  2. sounds like such fun!! Do you know that out of the past 28 days it has rained 23 up here....that sucks!!! There are so many people that haven't even bothered to open their pools because it has been so cool and rainy. I usually take the little one to the beach several times before the town gets out of school (mid May) and we haven't made it once this yr. It just hit 80 here yesterday and it was such a beautiful day...back to clouds today. We also had some nasty storms the other night. This summer is not going as we would like it. I am sitting in a sweatshirt right now as I REFUSE to close the windows...LOL!! Enjoy the warmth and sun for me and send some up to the Northeast will you....PLEASE!!! Miss you and happy to hear your getting your babe exciting!!!!!

  3. oh and your link at the end of the post doesn't work....says it doesn't exsist ;)

  4. karrie - Its supposed to be much cooler next week, mid to low 80's they are saying, I too will wear the sweatshirt before closing a window! Hmmm I'll have to check that link...
    Hi weaver! Glad you stopped by today! Have a good one on the farm!

  5. Your day at the lake looked like so much fun! Congratulations on getting Babe back! I know you must be so anxious. We got a new furry family member the other day. I'll blog about her soon so you can poke fun at her mushed up face :P
    Love ya,

  6. Rachel- It was so good to hear from you- I think of you all the time I love my lavender soaps and each time I use it I think of you.

    I took a blog break - I found myself spending too much time on the computer and had no time or energy for anything else-- so I took a rather long break - I LOVE your photography journal I may try the challenges - I am only keeping up with four on line friends (You, Star, Liz & Delph) and that in a very semi occasional way - I can't wait til you get your Babe back -

  7. Looks like a great day! The photo with the kids' hands sticking out of the water was funny. We used to have the other extremities sticking up.....handstands with legs out! LOL! Like your new background too! Luanne

  8. Sharon so nice to hear from you! I hope you have been well, I've seen a couple posts recently but you havent been blogging much! I've missed your eloquent words of wisdom!
    you too Kathleen!!!! I'm so happy you loved the soap....I've changed my soap formula around a bunch and its even better now, I'm always tweaking it! LOL I'm glad I caught up with you!
    Luanne! Nice to see you today! We did have fun and I cant wait to go back hopefully next weekend or next week! I think if they all could do handstands they would have, I had to settle for the hand waves! LOL Thanks about the background, I love it too!


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