Monday, June 22, 2009

Exciting Horse News and Random Thoughts and facts about me (been tagged)... it is!
I've blogged so much about my mare I used to have a few years ago, you all know the story about Babe....I've been praying like crazy one day I'd be able to get her back....the steps to her used to be a world away, and now I'm just a half a step from her!!!!!!
My friend Johnny called me today to say that Larry (her current owner who bought her from me) will now consider selling her back to me!!!
My heart stopped! Since we have decided to sell or trade Bella, the mare we have now, I have offered him a trade, one horse for another. I should know over the next day or so what the verdict will my horsey friends...say a big ol' horsey prayer to God for me!!!!!
I'd give up so much to have her again. And if Larry does the trade I'll have peace of mind knowing she will be well cared for.

Okay on to some random thoughts and facts....I've been here goes:
  • Why is it that I keep forgetting to put the full container of tea in the fridge at night?
  • Why does my other cat only come out of hiding and want attention when I'm in the bathroom?
  • Why did Douglas shave off half of his right eyebrow 2 days ago?
  • Why cant I remember to NEVER walk into the barn with anything other than barn shoes? I now have several pairs due to my stupidity.
  • How did I forget I planted carrot seeds until I read that another blogger had planted carrot's in their garden..hmmm thats what that plant is?! DUH!
  • How is it that my cat's poor fur is so matted up since his stroke a couple weeks ago, after not having any matte's at all - yet he still sheds like crazy? Why dont those hairs matte?
  • Why does my stupid dog stand in front of my car when I pull in and wont move?
  • Why cant he swim..he is a Labrador after all!
  • Where did all my kitchen knives go?
  • Why are flies all over the sides of my house and car?
  • And why are the flies so bad this year?
  • I really hate sausage - with a passion.
  • Why oh why has my hair started to curl with humidity when it used to be stick straight..old age perhaps? I wont mention all the grey showing up either
  • Why do I love the smell of a barn, cow poop and all? But cant stand dog crap?
  • Why is my favorite flower a weed?
  • I need to start playing piano again
  • for that matter I need to paint again
  • I hate spiders
  • I love sitting under our big shade tree and just doing nothing!
  • I wish I could drive all the farm equipment and help my farmer more
  • I could sit and watch my farm animals for hours yet usually dont want to be around people that long.
  • I love to re-arrange furniture but cant seem to get the energy to do it lately
  • I'm so happy - finally
  • Did you know it's common for a cat to develop a brain tumor?
  • how did I get through 37 1/2 years before breaking a bone since I was such a reckless tomboy growing up
  • Norm and I share our birthdays on the same day..October 25th, just one year apart!
  • My daughter was born the day before my birthday
  • my sons birthday is the same as my mothers birthday
  • I love going to the lake but hate swimming in the lake where I can't see whats below me
  • I hate icing on cake unless its cream cheese icing
  • my favorite guilty pleasure is Dove chocolates
  • why does my son want to hug and talk to me when I'm typing or reading on the computer or talking on the phone, but I can sit next to him for an hour and he has nothing to say
  • I stepped on a dead birds beak when I was little, yes - it hurt
  • I almost cut my thumb off my senior year in high school cutting country ham
  • I also got a black eye from running into a big side mirror on my dads truck a few days later - imagine the embarrassment of going to school after all that.
  • My brother broke his leg the day after I almost cut my thumb was questioned for child abuse when the same admitting nurse saw both of us
  • I've only seen my real father 2x's since I was 14
  • I am finally at peace with that
  • I can never remember to water my plants until they are almost dead, thankfully they are all forgiving.
  • I remember the first time I was on a plane, I was going to Wisconsin with my grandparents to visit my aunt and uncle, I was 2 and the stewardess had red hair. but I cant remember the easy stuff?
  • I tend to hold a grudge for far too long than I should
  • I get my feelings hurt easy and lash back
  • I am now cancer free - 5 months and counting!!!!!!!
  • I always start my prayers out with a thousand thank yous before I ever ask God for anything.
  • I would love to travel the US, well the world for that matter
  • We have some weird ghostly things that go on in our home from time to time, Norm doesnt believe the kids and myself when we tell him.
  • Tonight's dinner is polish sausage...remember I said I hate sausage? So why cook it? The smell makes me want to barf
  • my dog is a heavy sleeper and scares easily - TOO FUNNY!
  • I've put my head into the electric fence...ouch
  • I really never thought I'd love chickens but I'd cry if something happened to mine!
  • I'm a sensitive sap really - movies and sad TV shows make me cry my daughter laughs at me about it and just rolls her eyes
  • I'm really blessed to have a wonderful family, a man that loves me, and a man I love, and a home I never want to leave!
Okay now your turn if you want to....the only rule I followed was to list random facts about yourself and thoughts for 5 minutes. There done!....all for fun. I hate rules on these things anyway, sorry. I'm not going to tag anyone do it if ya want or not.
Have a great day ya'll!


  1. Holy cow, I think you could of listed all mine at the same time, I can't remember my name from one day to the next. I don't know if I can remember all that! Ha Ha

  2. I am happy for you about your horse Babe! The random facts were interesting and funny! Email me sometime!


  3. Wonderful news about getting Babe back again. So happy for you!! Very interesting list of random things about you...I'm sure that's more difficult to do than it seems.

  4. Lisa....I feel your pain!!!
    Hey kim....I did send you an email a couple weeks ago but didn't hear back from ya!!?? i'll see if I havent deleted my sent items and resend it, or I'll just do another one! :-)
    hi there C-ingspots...Thanks so much I have been grinning from ear to ear today!!! My random info about me is really silly but thought...what the hay?

  5. That is wonderful news that you get to have your horse back! WOOHOO :)

  6. Thanks so much Jessica...I'm still grinning from ear to ear!!!!!!!!!! She is a horse that got me through a very difficult time when I had cancer (5 months free!) (5 year survivor)and experienced a lot of depression. I had to sell her due to the fact that I got divorced and moved...WOO HOO is right!

  7. That's great you got your horse back - cool horsey news :-)

  8. Hi Amy! Thanks so much for the comment! I'm so happy that Doug will get to learn to ride with the same horse Leah learned on. She is so great!


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