Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A look Around Last Night

I took these as the sun was going down so sorry they are so dark. The rain has done wonders for the garden, these are a few shots. We did do a much smaller garden than last year, the sweet corn is not planted here at the house we have it in the same location as last year. My squash is huge and doesnt have blooms yet, so I imagine before its done they will be well over my head! Since we have had all this rain the weeds were beginning to get out of control so while its been sunny I've been slowly working on it, its been so hot and muggy I end up being a pile of sweaty mess after a very short time.
I havent taken many pictures of the new kittens who are supposed to be in the barn eating mice. They must be doing their jobs cause I'm not seeing many around or seeing much damage to my feed sacks like before they came. My previous barn cat disappeard not long ago, right before the end of fall *frown*. Both boys came up from the barn last night and little Indian cant seem to stay away from Norm rubbing around his legs, little does he know Norm really doesnt like cats. Cowboy ran up the tree to get away from the dog (he thinks they are his personal play things) and since it was his first time in a tree didn't really think he could get down on his own...so we helped him out this time...twice...Douglas couldnt help but be goofy with his face and a stem from a wild unwanted polk plant...he and Norm had fun goofing off.
The sunset was really beautiful! Across the street the sun was reflecting off of the clouds so beautifully and its so neat to see how the colors change and get so deep. I've never seen sunset's or rises like we have here! So I got this "bright" idea I'd take some pictures of the horses with the sunset behind them, I'm sure I'd get some beautiful shots right? NOT!
The sun was going down fast, should have done this earlier, and since I was barefoot I didn't want to get into the lot and get another broken toe, so I chose to lay on the ground my the fence and take pictures. Why is it when I try to get a good picture with a beautiful sky behind them they wont cooperate, yet when I just take a normal picture they pose? As you can see I had to shoot with my night time program and no one would cooperate at all, and the above is all I got.
I'm really determined to get some great shots of them with a beautiful background, ONE DAY I tell you...One day. I'll blog later when I have more to say!


  1. Hi sweet thing!
    So goooood to see you rambling on again here and showing off your beautiful world!
    Love ya!

  2. Great pics and a lovely site - thanks for posting to my blog. I love your site. I was a horse person B4 I was a goat person and I miss them dearly. So I have to live vicariously through others. Not to mention I'd love to live in Kentucky - I am so drooling over your garden - gardening is tough her in the desert SW!!!!!
    CBFNigerians in NM

  3. I'm so glad to read that you are getting your horse back...can't wait to see her. And I love the design of your blog....too clever!!!! Thank you for your visits and comments.

  4. Whew. I'm glad someone else's weeds have gotten out of control!! And you're right, being out for just a short while will set you off sweatin' like no other! NOT FUN!

    I love the sunset shots. I'm a big fan of sunset and sunrise pictures!!

  5. Your new site and header is just incredible - such lovely horsey pics too. Sorry I haven't called for a day or two but have had visitors.
    Best wishes from our farm (haymaking today) to yours.

  6. Sounds like things are going swimmingly for you in your part of the world. About the only things I have growing here are silverbeet and broccoli but come spring I'm planting lots more.

  7. Thanks guys! I too love sunsets and sunrises, and used to take a whole lot of pictures, but lately I've slept through those sunrises since the suns coming up much earlier, and havent been out much during sun down, or had my camera with me. For my new visitors, thanks so much for coming by to visit! I hope you'll come again!


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