Saturday, June 20, 2009

There is nothing better than sitting back and talking to your cows - Russell Crow

So far it's still been pretty rainy here in Kentucky. It has really brought the corn and beans growing good. We have gotten so much rain though...we are hoping that it continues throughout the summer. Remember that flooding we got a couple weeks ago...not too much damage really. just a few low spots and one smaller field of beans ruined that need to be replanted. It sure could have been worse.
There have been so many wild flowers growing big this spring and holding on longer than usual. I have really enjoyed driving the 4-wheeler around the farm and seeing all the pastures so green with wildflowers everywhere. The only thing I'm not enjoying are the amount of spiders and fly's. it's unreal how many are around, especially with the major ice storm we had, I was hoping that it would kill a lot of them such luck. Doug got his first squirrel last this past week. Unfortunately it was only one, so when I cook this up for him, it will be his special supper...hope he likes it!
He was so proud! I took him out two times on Friday squirrel hunting but no luck, it was so hot and muggy I guess they were all hiding out. We also went to the lake, but it stormed and rained a bunch, it was a quick storm so the kids all got to swim for a couple of hours. We took levi, which I've decided not to do again...he drives us crazy trying to "rescue" everyone. It really gets annoying when a big ol' dog is splashing toward you grabbing a hold of you cause he thinks he needs to be held once he gets to you. he hasnt quite got the rescuing down pat. The water was so high after all this rain, and he wouldnt go back to the shore, instead he'd swim to the dock, and had to be pulled out. Dummy would grab hold of the edge of the dock and since he quit paddeling he was going under..nothing more annoying that pulling a big Lab out of the water and then being covered in his shedding dog hair.
Bo has been having more strokes, small ones, but still alarming. He isnt eating good again like last time, and feels like he has lost weight in the last two weeks. His fur has matted up terrible, he is hiding 22 hours out of the day. Freaking out at everything. Jumping higher than I thought a cat could when he gets scared, cautiously coming up to items he has seen forever, not knowing what it is. His pupils stay dialted. The worse part of this behavior is that he has once again forgotten how to use the litter box. When he does come downstairs I've been taking him to the litter box which he promptly uses. It has a very strong odor, more so than normal cat urine. Telling me he isnt drinking enough water. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, except hope that he pulls out of this like he did last time and stops having these strokes. At least for a time, I know they will continue to come back. I wonder how much more his brain can take before he can no longer function. As I have said before, he wont have the normal lifespan he breaks my heart. But there is just nothing I can do. Since he isnt quite himself he let me get a few pictures of him, usually he wont sit still long enough for one, but he had a particuarly bad day when I took these and I guess needed some comfort once he regained his old self back somewhat. He seems to remember us even when he has these episodes. I'm happy about that at least.

Well time for bed, again not feeling well the last few weeks, and hoping this passes, some of you know whats up with that and I'd rather not specify, but I'm really hoping to get it all straightened out soon and feel like getting back to making more soap and blogging more, I've missed you guys! Take it easy....OH! I did 2 posts here today, so scroll down to see some pictures I've taken this week!
~*~ Rae ~*~


  1. Sorry to hear that you are not so well, Rae - do hope you soon get it all straightened out.
    Love the idea of hauling the lab out of the water. As for the goats - well I love them and would love some - the farmer has apretty poor view of them - so mustn't let him read this or he will never givein. Best wishes.

  2. P.S.
    LOVE your new Back Drop!!!!
    Fell better soon sweet!

  3. Hi Pat....thanks I am feeling better the last two days now, hope it stays. I love the goats too and really had to work at Norm letting me get dont let him read my goat escapade! LOL

  4. Thanks kacy...I really keep meaning to call you but keep falling asleep too early and its just been chaotic!


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