Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Friday and a look around the farm this week!

Hello! I'm back...I sure have been behind in blogging lately. Much has been going on around here this past week and I've come out of my fog after not feeling well and having some bad medication reaction! Yea! I think thats over! I feel very good thought I'd show ya whats been happening around here! We have had rain off and on all week, nice little downpours and showers. But when its not raining the sky has been so beautiful! This is the view from my little spot under the shade tree.
One day we even got a glimpse of God's promise!
Sure wish the rainbow would have come out better, but with my camera and no special lenses, this is what I got...Douglas has had a good week! Last week of school - yea!- and has been up to his Elmer Fudd ways....He got this Momma Groundhog with one shot, and we were all pretty amazed, the groundhog was in a bunch of pallets in tall grass with just her head showing, and Dead-Eye Doug just walked right up to her and killed her with one shot! He will make an excellent hunter and marksman one day! Which is good, he wants to take shooting when he gets into middle school, they have a great shooting and archery program for the kids.
This above picture is Douglas "hunting" pigeons after he shot the groundhog...and a nice close up of his "kill".
A very fat and pregnant groundhog! I wish I had my camera yesterday. I drove over to the shop (which is where Doug was "hunting" to pick up a bag of ice from one of the other freezers, and took Levi along for the ride. He loves to go anywhere..even if it is just down the street. He is becoming such a great dog, doesnt leave my side for a moment...anyway...I brought him over to where Douglas killed the groundhog into the tall grass seeing if he would be able to flush out a rabbit. He immediately got his nose onto something and was tracking toward the tall grass, he paused not sure if he could go in or not. I told him to "get it" and he took off making a beeline toward where the groundhog was that Doug killed and right up to where one was just poking his head from a hole under the pallets, and he went nuts digging! He tracked the groundhogs movements all over...I was really happy to see the hunting instinct that he has and all the work Doug has done with him is beginning to pay off! Doug did have to go dispose of his "kill"....
He wasnt satisfied with just the groundhog...had to rid the shop off all the pigeons nesting too.
I felt sorry for the pigeon. Norm and Neil did work on the planter getting it ready for this week so Norm could continue planting corn. This is Neil giving a helping hand. He's pretty handy and really learns quickly. Neil is pretty mechanical and as I've said before he is such a huge help to us. Norm and I think of Neil like one of our own....I dont know if he really knows how much of a help he is and just how much Norm relys on his work.
So with all that said lets take a look around the farm where the shop is, since I had my camera with me when Douglas shot the is a few looks at what I saw...

(oh one more of Dougs victims...a bumble bee..split in half...told you he was a dead eye...killing bee's and wasps in flight...impressive!
hmmmm...evidence of visitors.

Wild vegetation

I've missed feeling up to being on the computer the last couple weeks, hopefully my slump is over and I'll be back. I missed visiting with each of you! Hope you have been well!
God Bless you all!


  1. Hi Rachel - glad you are recovering. You have given us a pretty comprehensive tour of farm life at this time of the year. Yes you certainly have to keep top side of the pests - rabbits are plentiful here - they might be pretty but they eat our grass! Enjoyed catching up with you on the farm. Grettings from our farm here in the Dales UK

  2. I am glad that you are feeling better and I love all the pictures. Very nice groundhog! Glad to have you back.

  3. Rachel, your photos are just amazing! You could sell prints!

  4. Hi weaver! Now its the moles invading my garden!
    Thanks Lisa..trying to get back into the swing of things!
    Hi Spool! I have thrown around the idea of selling photos, but I hear they dont do well on etsy or you really think i could sell them??? thanks for saying so!


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