Monday, June 08, 2009

General Beauregard

Most of you know about my beautiful boy Bo. He is a Maine Coon, (more like a raccoon than cat!) he plays in water, eats his food from his container rather than his bowl, one paw full at a time, he lets you do anything to him - including playing dress up. The best cat ever! A little less than a year ago he suffered a stroke. When it happened, we went through tests at the Vets, worried about a tumor on his brain, etc....but everything was ruled out....a stroke was the culprit. He had to relearn everything - and it took us forever to get him to regain all the weight he lost...he was about 9 pounds under weight, wasting away to only 9 pounds, a shell of his former self. After it happened he only remembered us....not any other objects in the fact everything scared him and he'd jump so high when something scared him it was almost funny - if it hadn't been for the cause of his jumping at every object or sound. He eventually recovered, mostly to his normal self. But the past two weeks I think he has suffered some mini-strokes again. He is doing his jumping and running at objects, his pupils are huge all the time, and he isnt eating as well as he should be. The Vet has told me that he probably wont live as long as a "normal" cat. It broke my heart to hear that, he has brought so much joy and many laughs to our life. I'm worried that he'll continue suffering from strokes and one day, even soon, I'll have to face the decision to put him down so that he doesnt suffer.
This is his half sister, Priscilla... I am very rarely able to get a picture of her, she runs away at everyone and everything, definitely a one person cat...and that person is me that she prefers. But I was finally able to get a decent shot of her!
Little Cowboy and Indian are doing awesome...turning out to be great mousers and even ridding the barn of birds. This is Indian...and his brother Cowboy...
And this is what we usually see...Levi thinks they are his own personal play things! Poor kittens!
My garden is coming along...
I've been getting a regular visitor!

Norm has been mowing hay all last week and if the weather holds, will finish this week and can start planting in some of those fields.

The other day he called me and told me to bring the camera he had something to show me....and laying in a patch uncut was this little baby! Tried to catch him - he was about the same size as my cat! - but he was too fast!
Last night was a beautiful sunset and an even more beautiful moon. I wish I had a better camera to capture just how awesome it was...but this will have to do.

I'm excited about this coming week...Me and the kids are driving to Lexington so that Leah can participate in some 4-H contests. And she'll be home for several days after. I'm looking forward to the trip and her time home, and hopefully riding with her every day! Yee Haw!
I've got lots to do this morning to get ready, so I'm gonna head! I'll catch up with everyone when I return!
Have a wonderful week friends!


  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that superb moon photograph Rachel.
    So sad about Bo - our animals break our hearts, don't they? But I am sure you will stay strong when the time comes.
    Glad haymaking is going well.
    I was in Lexington only a month ago - lovely place - had a delicious meal there and sat under a blossom tree on the green.

  2. Hey! Sorry to hear about Bo. It hurts when they are a part of the family. Glad hay is going well and the other cats have fit into your family. I hope everything else is going good and have a good and safe trip to Lexington! Good luck to Leah!

  3. This has been a hard spring for kitties it seems. I feel for you.

    On a happier note, I love the beetle traffic jam :-)

  4. Oh Bo! My heart aches foir you with him and I know you will do the right thing.
    Have so much fun in Lexington!
    I LOVE your cool MOON!
    be looking for you!

  5. Thanks Weaver. It sure was a beauty! Lots of lovely in the sky lately! Yes Bo's condition does break my heart, its hard not to fall totally in love with a cat that has so much character! We are so lucky we got the hay mowed and put up before all this water has poured down on us! You should have let me know you were coming my way! We could have met up!!! Oh well maybe next time, I'm glad you enjoyed your stay - how did you like Kentucky and how different is it from your neck of the woods?
    Thanks Karrie - we had a blast but I'm worn out. Leah did so well, I did a post about it. I'll email you when I can fit computer time in again! I hope all is well with you too!
    Hi Crazysheeplady! Thanks for stopping by! I'll check out your blog! I dont know why I took that pic of the bugs, I try to take interesting ones, and thought "who knows maybe it'll work out". Not too bad I guess!
    Hi Kac..I miss talking to you!!!! We are both WAY to busy! I read last night about Wa...I'm heart broken for you that she had such an accident!!!! I'll read more when I can fit in more computer time. Dont forget we are a few hours ahead of you so give me a call when you get in from riding soon!


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