Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perfect Beginning and End of a Perfect Day!

So far we have had a really awesome week! Douglas, Leah, and i went to Lexington for Leah to compete in 4-H...she went all the way to semi finals in Horse Bowl, and received a blue ribbon for her craft project which was entered in photography, she took a picture of Nelly's eye, with a perfect reflection of trees showing in her dark eyes! I was really proud of her! We had a lot of fun, though the girls kept us wake until 2 in the morning both nights! Talk about worn out!
Leah gave King a work out riding some figure eights while Jack followed along, great learning experience for him. He had NO clue what to think about that, and it was funny to watch him, he would be running along side and as Leah turned King, he didn't know and just kept on going! He thought it all was a game. He got a work out too! He did well, King kept him in line with a little kick every time he got too close. I've got some movies at the end of this post, and little Jack having a major scratch he itched (TOO FUNNY) that seemed to go on and on forever!
Needless to say there was a lot of sweat and yawning going on in the barn when they were through!
I took a picture of Kings brand, I'd like to do some research and find out just where he came from and his background. This is it here:
King is almost completely blind in one eye. betcha didnt know that did you, a really remarkable horse for having that handicap, this picture doesnt show it really well, but you can tell a little how cloudy his eye is.
Bella has some beautiful eyes too!
She couldnt help but get some scratching in as well...what a goof! I guess the scratching and yawning is contagious!
Even little Cowboy was worn out and took a sound nap on the hay wagon!
We shod the horses today. Molly got her trim, Bella and King got some new shoes. Poor Buck couldnt stand being away from Molly...he sure is a pretty horse! He has very slow growing hooves, probably from not being shod until this time last year for the first time, he is about 5 years old. I cant wait until he has been ridden enough for us to ride!
Thought it was time to do some updates on the calves:
This is the newest calf (the white one who still doesnt have a name) and Giant. The always come running for a bottle, which in the end makes it difficult to get a good picture of them.
This is the three musketeers I was hoping to get a shot of the three of them together so you can see how small Torro is. he was born the early part of January so he should be MUCH bigger, but he is a couple inches in height below the other two. He is my boy though, loves to be scratched under his chin and rubbed on. He still lets me pick up all his feet and rub all over him, it works to start out as soon as they are born! He really isnt scared of much, well anything really, and lets me do whatever I want to him. Sweet little guy!
We have had a lot of storms this week. The other day we got 2 and 7/10 of rain and after today we are now 3+ inches of rain for the month.... looks like we will be replanting a lot of soy beans...We got a pretty good thunderstorm this evening, tornado watches, and it really looked outside like we'd get one! The grass was so green and the sky so hazy it was unreal! But look what we saw! A beautiful FULL rainbow that started up the street at our neighbors...
This is a close up
And would you believe it quickly turned into a double rainbow..both perfectly full from one end to the other, it was so close I couldnt get the whole thing in one picture!
Here it was at its brightest...
And this was the End of the Rainbow falling right in our field! Too bad the 4 wheeler wasnt over here so we could go stand in the colors! norm had that happen to him once, it had rained and he was at the shop talking to a friend and they turned and saw everything outside was yellow, and when they stepped out they were standing in the yellow of a rainbow! How awesome is that, and probably once in a life time experience! I'm never lucky enough to have something like that happen!

The end to a perfect day, and what a beautiful reminder of God's promise! Okay now its time for some movies, grab your pop corn and take a comfy seat! I'll try to catch up with every ones blogs tomorrow, its late and I'm pooped....Tomorrow is another early start we are taking Jack to the Vet to become a man! LOL He is being gelded, I'm sure I'll have some pictures of that too! Night all! ~*~Rae~*~


  1. I love the rainbow shots!! I haven't seen a double rainbow in a long time, maybe it's lucky!

  2. Hi there ! I dont know (or cant remember) if I'm ever seen a double rainbow my self really! It was so beautiful especially since it was SO close! I sure HOPE its lucky after all this rain we have gotten...past the 3 inch mark and its only the 12th of June!

  3. I stood in the end of a rainbow once. It was so cool! My brother and I walked for about a mile to find the end.

  4. Fun videos! I bet Leyla was having a blast riding King and having Jack running along, too. And two horses get exercised! :)

    Wow! Your grass is SO tall and green! Are those hay fields, too?


  5. Oh! And I meant to write "Leah". Congrats on the blue ribbons, too!


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