Thursday, June 04, 2009

There is rain..and then there is RAIN!

Yep....2.7" in 20 about some rain! we couldnt even see across the street when it was at its heaviest....what does this mean for us? Not good...lets start with a look around our flooded are not in order due to my brain fart...actually its backwards! Oh well.
The last thing we did was check the cattle..why I hated this was due to the fact that they need salting, which means they follow the 4-wheeler. Thats 50 cows chasing you less than 2 feet away, this includes the bulls...2 new ones we have leased that I have yet to be around. I hated it. To have so many large creatures running with you, 2 big bulls included is enough to freak me out. Cows everywhere behind, in front and on all sides....nerve wracking for me! Luckily the bulls are as easy going as Norm said they were and really cared less that we were there, they were just chasing their girls around not us. I still hated it.

The farm was was neat to see the air escaping the water, which is good means that the water was going down.
This is what we call the "bottom" a lower stretch of land that in the spring always floods. We thought we were out of the woods this year since it didnt flood when it usually does, but still did..too bad it happened AFTER planting.
Places that dont flood - flooded (including the inch or more of water in our basement...argh Here is our field corn getting soaked on the bottom of the bags..we turned them upside down and shook the corn away from the wet side of the bag.
our equipment was even in the water...
another look at the bottom. The really bad thing is that we just sprayed fertilizer the last 2 days on ALL the corn...we are hoping that it wont hurt us, but it has to be on the ground for so long before the plant absorbs it...I doubt that 1 day being on the ground will work.
This is the soybean field across the street from the drained quick but could be enough to ruin the entire field of beans...again - NOT GOOD!
This is the front horse lot that Molly and Buck are in....can you see how hard and fast the tile is pulling water through? No? here try the next picture after this:
This doesnt happen often in fact Norm can only remember a few times its been this bad in this area of the farm.
Another view of the horse lot looking from the porch.
The soybean field across the street view from the porch
Behind the house in King, Jack, and Bellas pasture...poor baby's!
My drowned garden
Front horse lot again

And the soybean field again.
A total loss in these fields..wont know until the beans come up...or not. A big loss in money...oh yeah....enough to make you sick to your stomach.


  1. Oh man! I'm so sorry. That is an amazing amount of water. I hope it isn't too big of a loss.

  2. I am so sorry to hear and to see this rachel:( I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better but I have nothing. I know it is tough farming and it sucks when mother nature has no pity. I wish you guys well and maybe with a little luck the water will run off quickly and not damage everything <3 ya!!

  3. Sorry about all that water Rachel - if it isn't one thing it is another with farming. But farmers are resilient and I know you will rise above it all and replant if necessary. But heartfelt commiserations from this farm to you all.

  4. Oh sweetie...that is a big loss and I am sorry! What a freak day yesterday with that storm...I am reading it hit everywhere!
    God ...what you up to?
    I did not hear the warning at 7am when i went to the barn to feed...went out riding at 3pm..and it started to hit...I made it through it before it got to me! But folks here had the power outs and falsh floods too...bad!
    Again...I am sorry to hear this news Rae.

  5. Oh gosh I hope this ends up being OK. I know how devastating something like this can be. I will keep you guys in my prayers! The pictures are shocking to me much water!

  6. Hi there everyone! We dont know yet just how much of a loss we have! Norm is sure he'll be replanting several area of beans for sure. With the first rain the area drained, but the ground was so wet it hasnt drained out yet....thanks all for your good wishes for some luck this year...if we keep getting an even amount of rain thruout the summer...we need a good years. Yeah I saw the rain was all over where you are time..check that weather girl! LOL


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