Monday, May 11, 2009

What great Mothers Day for Me!

Happy Mothers Day!!! I hope you had a good of a day as I did! Wow...such fun! My day started out with the most awesome cards from my kids..handmade and store bought! 1 had a funny little song when you open it and the other they recorded a message for me...My favorite Mothers Day cards I've ever received!
Even my furry four-legged baby gave me some Mothers Day lovin'!

We went to my moms for lunch and then sat outside for a bit while the boys played around and we got some photos of us all...yes Doug really does love his mom, but you sure cant tell it here can you? What a goof!
This is my brother Josh and his son John! Most pictures I have of them they are both wearing coats! LOL So its nice to get one without the winter wear!
This is the most beautiful daughter in the world! My sunshine! Yes she is way taller than I am!
The boys had fun throwing the ball around, but too bad cause Doug overextended his shoulder and we ended up in the ER until 1am. I was worried it was a dislocated shoulder the way he was crying over it, but it was only a bad sprain and is much better today. He has to baby it, and have limited use and even in a sling if it gets to hurting him really bad again. Luckily it was nothing bad..and I even debated if I should bring him in, but the way he was crying made me think it could be bad. Heck he hardly cried when part of his finger got severed by a foal we had which resulted in a partial amputation! So thats why I was worried.
And of course - boys must look cool for pictures! Here is John:
And Douglas
The best son in the world!
Our motley crew!
last...and most definitely NOT least! Is the best present I have EVER received! Norm and the kids gave me a necklace with the children's birthstones! I was so happy with my gift and will never take it off! I was very disappointed when Leah and I got the saddles out to oil and clean and found Norms dad's saddle dry rotted and mine in even worse condition! I've had it for about 5 years now and its been in great condition, but we put them in the barn here at the house, and we leave that barn door open..and yep, you guessed it, in just a few months time my poor broken in - comfy on the rear- well loved - and now broken down saddle - is dry rotted too and needs a major overhaul before we can use it.....I'm so upset! I dont have the money for a make over and definitely not any for a new I'm really upset that we are down to one saddle, (well Norms dads REALLLLLY nice saddle is over at his moms, and in good condition as far as I know....she said to use it..but I dont know, I havent discussed this with Norm and I havent really looked the saddle over good to see what kind of shape its in, its been in the house but not oiled in its "health" is questionable too.) Luckily we have Leah's saddle we bought her last year, its one of those lightweight saddles, with very little leather..if it's even leather at all - but its comfy and easy to sling around over a horses back. What to do???

So what did you fine mothers out there do for your special day?


  1. Your necklace is beautiful and you know I think the kids are wonderful already. Poor Doug is he feeling better? Glendale this week....

  2. My day pretty much stunk. No cards, no presents. I spent the day cleaning and even though I told my husband he had to take care of dinner, he didn't, so I ended up doing it.

  3. What a wonderful gift! I'd love to have something like that. You and your kids look beautiful! Isn't it funny how they always grow taller than you? I have to look up at my 14 year old son!

  4. Thanks for visiting my Journal. The fourth horse down is a Belgian Draft horse. He is 32 years old and has retired from driving and riding.

  5. I love your header! Beautiful necklace. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! So did I!

  6. You will remember this Mothers' day with the ER trip. I love visiting farms, wish I live on one. Lucky you.

    Thanks for visiting my site,


    Ann :)

  7. Sorry to hear about your saddle! I know how disappointing it is when something you love goes out of commission!

    Your Mothers Day necklace is neat- you have a great family! :)

  8. Oh..sure some good ol Fiebing's Saddle Soap won't resurrect the leather?You should have seen the cracks and mold on my little saddle when I rescued it from someones barn 3 years ago!

    I LOVE all your family look so Happy RAE!!Your daughter looks like one of my best friends from HS..she is pretty!That necklace is so cool and beautiful..I love artsy silver jewlery! Is that garnet and opel?

  9. Very nice pictures of your family and what a meaningful present. That is a real bummer about the saddles, I had no idea that would something like that could happen.

  10. Yes I know Mari and they adore you too!
    Aw Christy - thats how most of my holidays go too...thats why I was extra happy this year with such a cool present!
    I know Amy! I've been looking up to my daughter for a few years now, and she isnt even 15 yet! jeeez!
    Lori - your belgian is really beautiful and I'd have never guessed his age at all!
    Hi Dusty! Glad you had a good Mothers day too! Thanks on the header! I try to change it alot!
    Thanks Ann, we really love it here! Thanks for stopping by!
    Thanks to you to J and J..I hope that my saddle can be saved! But I'm not sure.
    Hey Kacy - I'll try the soap and see if it works! i hope I can salvage it! We had a great day Sunday! The birthstones are an opal and a ruby...funny...Mine, Leah's and Norms B-days are all the same month..Leahs is the 24th of oct and Norm and I share the same day - Oct 25th! LOL Por Doug he is the only one by himself in July!
    Hi there CC - yeah I didnt expect tho that my saddle would have been damaged so much because it was in the barn..but I guess with that barn door always open the weather still gets to it. Oh well...gonna see if I can save it.

  11. Looks like you had a great day Rae...
    About that saddle, get some Neet's foot oil, and saddle soup, a soft rag, and TONS of elbow grease and you can bring that baby BACK... I too have restored old, dry rotted, cracked saddles... you can do it... stored mine in a plastic bag (garbage bag....) with rice thrown in the bag... the rice absorbs the moisture and stops the mold and dry rot from attacking the leather.


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