Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whats Up Chicken Butt...

I've probably missed all kinds of cool things here in Bloggerville the last week! I've just not had much to say and I've been sick this week..you know its been one of those weeks. Besides for the rare moments that I have nothing much to say its been pretty busy around here. Norm has about 45 acres of corn planted so far, and has mowed most of the wheat and alfalfa. I havent seen him much at all the last three days. Its kinda like that this time of year. We worked our last bunch of 70 some-odd calves this weekend with the help of a visiting farm hand...Leah brought her friend to stay the weekend. They had a great time and I had just as much fun having them both around. Each time I meet one of Leah's friends I'm so proud of the choices she makes with the people she hangs around with!
Most of the girls were loudmouths while they were being worked, they protested loudly which is funny cause the little bulls are basically quiet but those girls sure like to hollar their heads off!
You'd think we were hurting them, and all they got was their ears pierced with a fly tag and number tag!
This is Sir Loin (or Blackjack as Norm calls him his tag number is 21) Zeus wouldnt stand still long enough for a good pic of him.
Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. Our Tulip Tree has bloomed along with the pesky dandilions.
The girls rode all day Sunday and the horses did beautifully! Even hot headed Bella! She definately rides better with another horse. They are all so beautiful now that they have shed winter hair. Everyone is slick and shiny! The girls even rode Molly, our Percheron! She hasnt been ridden in over 10 years and really doesnt know anything except how to look pretty, eat, hog al the attnetion, and used to drive. She was a perfect angel!!!! I was truly amazed at how she acted. Not a spook, aggrivation, or ill step at all. She did have to stop however and sniff the boots of her rider! She'd go from side to side, and sniff and you could see the wheels turning in her beautiful head thinking "WHY is this person on my back?? They have never done that! They are supposed to be on the ground feeding or petting me!!!!" It was so great to see that she is such an exceptional horse! She is foundered a little bit, but she can be ridden some and I think we need to teach her what to do so we can ride her!

Buck was at a loss without Bella and ran the legnth of the fencing the entire 4 hours they were out on the farm riding!
Well..hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon! Gonna head out with Mari and go flower shopping.....


  1. Hi Rachel! Glad to see you're keeping busy and still getting some pictures in. School is really coming along now...but I'm so glad you liked my video. Do you guys ever get down to the Kentucky Horse Park? I want to go again fro Breyerfest!

  2. Hi Rachel - good to catch up with you again after my recent trip to Canada and the US. Too right with the "cows rule!" that is absolutely true of farming, isn't it. Love the calf photos - mind you I expect it does hurt having an ear tag put in even if it is over before you have time to think about it.

  3. You take amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing

  4. I love to see the bulls! Sir Loin is beautiful! I love that the girls were being loud too!!

  5. Nope havent been to the KY horse park yet...can you believe that! I'm ashamed to even tell anyone! I'm glad school is going good!!!!
    Yes Weaver..COWS RULE! So does living and caring for a farm! nothing better...have you noticed the heifers throw a bigger fit over the bulls too in the chute? They are the biggest baby's! Hi Luanne! Missed not talking much! I have been gone a whole lot from the computer I hope to catch up with everyone soon! Thanks Bon Bons! Come visit the farm any time!
    LOL Hi JJ actually the calves arent near as loud as their mommas hanging around for 8 hours calling for their little ones..talk about hard to communicate! LOL


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