Monday, May 04, 2009

Cattle = Global Warming??HUH???

Kelly left me a comment about another blogger who wrote about the stupid Fart can read it HERE! Thanks for the farmers have to band together! And be informed!

You all have heard me write before about that asinine Fart Tax farmers are "fondly" referring it as. There is a large group of people who are now saying that Cow farts are the number one cause for Global Warming. Here is one article I just found. And another and another and another and another and another.. They are all over the Internet.
Okay...yes our farm animals, not just cattle, burp and fart. Thats a known fact, but then again so do most of the men standing around the construction site with no shame. Yeah, so maybe us humans dont fart as big and as often as the cow (well some would disagree with that! LOl)....but I still find it hard to believe that cattle make up more of the methane than cars, factories, etc. Why if a cows fart is so terrible hasnt the world started to warm up earlier? And why havent we smothered yet here on the farm by the deadly fumes that they say are so bountiful? Cows have been around since....well like - FOREVER and now they are deciding that they are the cause for our demise? They want to impose a huge tax on farmers per cow, which is a HUGE loss for them, and after making it from crop to crop already it will force many out of their livelihood and homes. One of the concerns I read in one of the articles above is that cattle take up too much room....I'm assuming this is coming from someoe who has never lived in the country and enjoyed listening to the crickets at night or the tree frog singing its own little song, the sweet smell of alfalfa growing in the field,...probably never seen a cow in person, and wants to make money on our loss, and build big new suburbs. There are too many people already as far as I'm concerned. So what to do? People want beef.....they out weigh Vegetarians by far. It is a choice we are all - or should- be allowed to have. Neither side - beef vs veggies, is wrong to me. I agree with both sides and dabble in the middle at times. But again - people are not going to give up their will fight to the death over their land and cattle (whom most of us consider our extended family) there a place to meet in the middle? Will the Fart Tax do anything to help anyone out??? My thoughts are NO. Cattle have been grazing the earth for thousands of years, but now when human population is at an incredible high which gives such a high demand for vehicles, factories, oil, etc - they lonely cow is to blame for the mess our earth is in? How many of us will leave a footprint on this world...most all....does the farmer who loves his dirt more than anyone on this earth? I think we leave a much softer print than the others. I think, and this is just my opinion, we all need to look at ourselves and see what we can do to change the ruin our Mother Earth is coming to. We all contribute, as much and more than the farting cow. I will never believe that one species of animals has caused Global Warming (well unless its the human species) . I guess when that fire reigns down from heaven as foretold in Revelation they will really know what Global Warming is huh?
I'm disgusted that my close friend the cow is singled out when in all reality..Humans are the cause for their own demise. And as usual, they are pointing their fingers in the wrong place, but remember when you point a finger - there are 3 pointing right back at you!
Beef - its whats for dinner! HA!


  1. I am in total agreement!!! I love my beef and don't plan on giving it up any time soon. I think this global warming is a bunch of bull any way. I love the farm life and don't plan to ever give it up.

  2. Lisa...was pun intended? LOL
    "I think this global warming is a bunch of bull any way"
    Agreed its s Big ol pile of Bull hocky! We arent giving up our life either! That was funny - a bunch of bull - I got a laugh, but then it doesnt take much for me!

  3. Oh Rachel how could you go against those well meaning no idea about farming politically correct persons. My my no sympathy for FART Tax? But it is sooo good for you guys. To think you'll pay all that wonderful over the top tax charge that was imported from New Zealand by some secret member of the NZ Green Brigade in 2003. Here's what some very naughty Kiwi Farmers did on the steps of our governments wonderful (not) parliament buildings

    Bad people complaining...LOL!

    Love ya

  4. I totally agree with it all! Have these folks that worry about the gas tax off of pooting cows never ate stuff like broccoli?
    Sorry...if they had as much work to do as farmers do, they would not have time to worry about things that cows do!
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  5. I tell my girls to be more lady like but they just don't listen!!

    It's so ridiculous, isn't it! I swear!

    And what is this I hear about you never going to a rodeo?! Oh my!!

  6. Oh don't even get me started! Great post! Just read another post about this last week!

  7. I think this is just another example of people trying to blame what they created on farmers. It seems farmers are the easy people to blame!

  8. LOL It seems we all agree that our girls are rude crude and uncalled for as they fart and that this is the most STUPID thing next to the 80's fashion trends! Sorry but those florescent tops and leg warmers were worse than this! Need I mention the workout apparel worn in public??? no we wont go there! Yep farmers always get the raw end of the deal it seems, and why not blame themselves when they can point the finger elsewhere (at us!)..I'm still waiting to keel over from all the poisonous gases that have been here on the farm for the last few hundred years that cows have been farting on the farm! (hmmm a new book to be written - Cows Farting On The Farm?) So gasping....its not any warmer here than anywhere else for that matter (no global warming here!)...and heck I cant even smell the gaseous farts! Maybe we should just all take cover before the cow farts overcome us! Run for the hills!!! oh - no cant do that, there are probably cows on them too! LOL I could keep going on with my goofiness. But I'll save myself the embarrassment!

  9. What a crock of s@#!. People are NUTS!


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