Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cowboy's and Indian's

Let me introduce you to the newest members of our family!
~*~Cowboy~*~And his brother
These are two kitties that I got from our Vets office today!
Both were so hungry and all they could do was eat and drink and then of course - camera battery ran out...figures.
Like my makeshift cat dish...a coffee filter?! LOL
They are both 6 weeks old and I had talked to the ladies in the Vets office Friday and one promised to bring me in two little ones, so today after physical therapy Mari and I went to lunch and then get these two boys to bring home!

All they would do is eat and drink, while Levi looked on through the front door glass and Bo sat about a foot away assessing the situation. He is trying to figure out if they are friend or foe at this point. He loves everything and everybody so I imagine here before too long he will be trying to play with them.
He either thinks I brought them home for him a new toy or a replacement! He should know better, no one could replace him! They both will live in the barn and have tons of fun chasing and hopefully ridding the barn of the mice that have showed up since my little Sam disappeared last fall.
~*~Welcome little Cowboy and Indian to the farm!~*~


  1. Those are some beautiful barn kitties. They'll settle in fast adn I adore the names.

  2. Aww... congrats on the new babies!! I hope they are mouse catchin' fools!

  3. Thanks, we thought of the names on the way home, I wanted a boy and a girl cowboy and cowgirl, but I got two boys thats all they had! I too hope they are mouse catchin fools!

  4. Oh my golly cuteness!! I want one...whaaaahhhhh!! Okay, hubby might keeel me - we have too many kitties already. Enjoy them..

    Crayons at Angies and Kitties here - I'm in trouble cruising the blogs today. LOL


  5. Oh, so sweet! I love orange cats!

  6. They are gorgeous! I want some kittens.

  7. Oh Noes Kittehs! LOL Rae they are just too cute for words. Why is it they all seem to come from the local vets..just like the three I have (was 4 as you know) I can see myself getting sucked into another baby kitteh oh noes!

    Love ya gal

  8. Congratulations on your new kittens - they are so cute and I also love their names :) As you know they will do a fabulous job keeping the mice away in the barn. We have many barn cats and I can't imagine the barn without them.

    Love your blog and all your great photos!
    Thanks for visiting us at Tylerfarm - hope you visit again soon :)


  9. Kitis are cute. Just make sure they get to the barn.

  10. Such darling kittens! They will have a great time in the barn. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I look forward to spending some time reading through your posts. Have a great weekend!

  11. Awww! They are adorable! And the names are great, too. Watch out for arrows and pistol shot while you're out in that barn, ok?


  12. So you all like the names of my newest farm members? LOL I really wanted cowboy and cowgirl...ehem..no girls there! LOL
    They are a doll! now I need to find a way to keep my lab out of the barn terrorizing them with his form of playing which basically involves lots of slobbers and huge paws holding them down as they become a chew toy!


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