Thursday, July 02, 2009

Working Hay & 2009 Ky 4-H State Horse Show

Since I haven't posted for a few days this will be a little long, not in words, but in pictures. Norm, Douglas, Neil and another neighbor Patrick raked and bailed hay, finally finished!
Yes, Doug can work and keep up with the big boys! Now there is no excuse Douglas! He worked hard for two days and felt really good about it. Last year he couldn't even pick up a bail.
One of the several wagons of bails. The first cutting made about 800 bails and 2 or 3 big round bails
Of course something had to break, a few times the twine broke one the bails
Here he is Papaw! You should be proud! Looks like we already have most of the bails sold if not all. Last year we sold all of it to a man who runs a horse farm in Lexington Ky, and we have a call into him to see if he wants it this year as well. He said last year to call him the following year and he'll truck them into his farm. If not then my friend Tina's brother needs a lot to feed his herd. If any are left over we will probably list them for sale. We are hoping they will be sold soon though.

Levi had fun taking a road trip across the farm. He went with me driving around. my Sunday Stills Challenge is Wildflowers this week, so we went searching. It ended up being a challenge since all the wildflowers have pretty much bloomed and faded. But I got creative and ended up with a few pics that I thought were pretty different. I have a picture here below. If you would like to see some really great photography you can go HERE to the challenge site and view them! If you would like to join, just take your pictures, post them on your site and leave a comment under that weeks challenge and your good to go!
Okay this is a small preview of what I took, I cropped the picture so its just a hint of what I'm posting.
Here is just a view of the farm. When Levi and I went out, I had forgotten the fields need to be cut and we found several holes that we went into and almost got stuck in. We also got chased by the cows for quite a way, they thought we were going to salt them..they thought wrong. They are in need of it, but bailing the hay comes first. We did find a cow dead, looks like she was struck by lightning in the last storm a few days ago. You can tell because the buzzards and animals wont eat an animal struck by lightning. It does something to the blood that they wont touch...something I didn't know until the other day. Pretty interesting I thought.
Here is the garden. Please ignore the weeds, I've been working on it the past two days pretty hard but after several days of rain and ground too wet to do anything they really popped up. I watered them the night before last and these were the pics before I did. I went out this afternoon when my mom came to get some squash and cucumbers and everything had grown and there were more veggies on each of the plants than the 24 hours before when I worked on the garden. I was really surprised at how fast it all happened!

This next picture is the tallest tomato plant this is at eye level, I'm 5'1" ( I know short I've heard all the jokes already) :-) We are just now getting tomato's, all but one are green, and the one that was kinda orange is almost red and will be ready for picking tomorrow probably. Cool, now I can make some good BLT's.
This next picture is of the carrots, I had forgotten I planted them and took me forever to figure out what they were! I knew it was some seed I'd sown since they were all in a neat row. (yeah, A DUH moment)
Here is the squash, the plants are huge! Twice the size of last year, of course last year was a drought and the garden was planted too far from a water hose so I couldn't do anything with it to help them out, in fact the watermelons only made a few and they were too small to do anything with. I was really disappointed, but this year will be different.
Even my Bell Peppers are coming along, they need a lot of water so as the watermelons, they were a bust.

Even the other peppers are getting big. I went out today after I watered and found that each plant was huge and all had several little peppers growing! Great! Now Leah and I can make salsa when she gets home next week! I can't wait!
Again Levi got into the act of helping me pick some veggies. (he is always in the middle of EVERYTHING to the point of annoyance.) He liked it pretty well and picked it himself, so I'm wondering how many he has eaten so far....darn dog!
Here is cowboy and Indian (I haven't taken a pic of them in awhile and it was a little dark in the barn)

Last night we attended the Ky State 4-H Horse Show, Leah participated and I was really proud of the girls! They came in 9th out of 11 teams, but in their defense they only really practiced hard the last month, the other teams all practiced since last August. I hope that over the next year the girls can all practice much more. They are running into the problem of not having an indoor arena. I think though that Leah told me they found one..I'm not sure about that thought I could be wrong. Leah's team did a 70's theme...they were so cute!!!!!!! Here are some pics of the night, of course not that great due to lighting and a camera without a zoom, but you can get the drift.

Now I hate to say this, but besides my daughters team, I really liked the county that had a team of all walking horses, the only one in the state, and the music was upbeat and matched the gait of the horses, and they were all under control, and was if the horses did all the work. They looked good and used the flags which I think made a difference. They are the ones that probably took first place. This team and Leah's were the most entertaining of the night. They automatically took off 10 points on Leah's team since they went over the allotted time, the paperwork they received stated a time for them which was wrong...oh well great practice and was really well done. I was really proud of them and their attitudes...they were kinda bummed but still happy they could participate! This was the walking horse team again. All in All all the teams, I can say, there were some really nice horses, all tight and great spacing, and there were a lot of horses that weren't so good that the kids had to really work at keeping them in their formations and just some plain crazy horses those little girls shouldn't have been on! Leah's team really were under control compared to most of them, so I really was surprised they didn't place better.
So that was my week. This week I've been filling soap orders and as usual, the house has been left last. Tomorrow I'll be mowing, which isnt just a small yard, I got quite a bit of work which will take me all day and probably still wont be done. Norm's mom has a huge yard, then there are two other houses to do...I'm looking forward to it, getting some sun and driving the tractor. I good time to think.
Luanne has given me an award, but Luanne, I'm gonna have to post it tomorrow, I'm just too beat and since I have those 10 things to list, I have had to give it some thought, so tomorrow come take a look and please visit her blog!!!
Saturday - We drive to Grayson County (only about 10 minutes away really) and pick up Babe and drop off Bella. I am not riding until I get a helmet. I know she is safe but I dont like riding without one, you never know, even the safest horse can spook at anytime even if never having done so before. You don't know what might scare them and since she is new here on the farm never being here, I am not taking that chance. Too many friends here have had accidents that I am trying my best to avoid. It is a valuable lesson I've learned, I do wish I hadn't learned through others mishaps, but it has made me more aware of what I'm doing and I dont want to be reckless. I'm not a kid anymore who can take a fall! Leah said she wants to be the first on her anyway and I've promised her that. She too bonded strongly with Babe and she is as happy as I am to get her back. Its been a long 2 1/2 years without my horse! Yeah I know I talk about her too much, but the excitement also comes from the fact that I'm not in any fear of riding her. I've ridden her before many times and I know her and how she rides. Doug is really happy too cause he wants to learn to ride. Its been hard on him to be around the horses since he got hurt pretty bad and learned his lesson with them. So I'm happy he's ready to face his fears and Babe is perfect to do that on, like King, she knows when she has a little one on her or walking her, she is careful to watch her steps so she doesnt step on anyone, being respectful of our space, and walks so slow with those scared or who are little or never ridden before.
Well thats a look around the farm this week. I get a lot of visitors who visit my blog searching for information about cattle, or farm activities, so if your a visitor and have a question leave me a comment and we'll be glad to answer if we can. Norm has been farming since he was 10, starting out helping his Pap and dad, and pretty much knows the ends and out's of farming.
If your just a visitor who happened upon my blog, leave me a comment too! We'd love to hear from you!
Thats it...sorry this is so long with so many pictures!
nite all!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you have lots of helpers for the heavy work. Have a good weekend.

  2. I love your farm and can almost smell the hay. Great photos! The horse show must have been so much fun.

  3. very interesting about the lightning and the dead cow. I like to be a guest on your farm. I have seen hay in New Zealand, some are bales like yours, some are rolls and some sealed in plastic.

    Like yr peppers too.

  4. Hello,
    Just checking back again.....thanks for the mention of me and link to my blog! Pretty big weekend huh! That hay reminds me of my childhood .....some of which I would like to forget...hard work!! LOL! Lu

  5. Oh my am I drooling over your hay and garden girl. I sure wish that mine looked half as good and I sure would be lining up at the fence for some of that hay if I lived closer.
    SIGH!!!! Somewhere in a dream I want to live in Kentucky!!!!
    CBF Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

  6. Hi there Lisa! Its sometimes hard to find helpers when it comes to doing hay! LOL its a scratchy job!
    Hi Callie! Yes the horse show was a blast! Thanks for the comment! I LOVE the smell of hay especially when its fresh cut!
    Hi Ann! We have all that too here....we do the square bales to feed the horses and the calves, we also use the big round bales to feed the larger herds of cattle we have!
    Hi Luanne! That hay is no fun! Like I said too scratchy! lucky (or maybe not) my asthma keeps me from doing that kind of up close and personal hay duty! LOL
    Hi D! Thanks for coming back to visit again! I wish i could share some of that hay with you!!!!! Come visit KY anytime! We'd love to have you! One condition you'd have to bring along some goats to play with! LOL

  7. Hi Rae, your week has been busy... great garden, horse show looks like fun (sorry Leah's team didn't do better).. Ice Age 3 was very cute, I enjoyed it very much ... shelled shocked at the cost of admission ... we haven't been to a movie in a long time.

  8. All the pictures are so good! You are so lucky to have the rain this year. We are so hot and dry down this way.
    I really like when we bale the square bales of hay.
    Your garden looks wonderful!
    I understand the busy part, too well.

    Great post.
    Have a good day.

  9. Nice blog and animals..your vegies look great. I just picked up a baby kitten like your baby. Cheers-

  10. Hi there Elaine and Pam! I think we are going to see Ice Age too...yes the price of the movies keeps us from going much at all!I hope your well Elaine!
    Hi there Pam I have to tell you first that I LOVE YOUR HEADER PICTURE on your blog! Did you take that? WOW is all I can say! Thanks for stopping over! Your blog is beautiful, your poetry and pictures! I look forward to reading more tomorrow when its not so busy around here!


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