Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer has its way...

of keeping your time away from the computer! it seems like ages since I've written, and I sure need to catch up with everyone....wondering how the end of your summer is coming along?!
We have been having a really good time, since Babe has come home there has been A LOT of time spent with the horses. Doug has been riding a lot too, and even went with Leah throughout part of the farm, they didn't go to far on his first "trail ride", and he got a little nervous, but did well non the less
Yesterday a sweet neighbor Logan came over to get some lessons and fell in love with Babe. Here she is on King (she said he hurt her butt to ride LOL) They all had a good time, and I love to watch someones face light up when they hop up on a horse! I know how they feel! Logan brought her mother Evelyn, a very sweet woman, and my friend Mari (all of us are neighbors) over to watch the riding lessons given by Leah and Lauren (Leahs best friend).
Everyone is falling head over heels for Babe, I wonder if she knows just how loved she really is?
There really hasnt been much to report here on the farm other than riding horses...all the animals are doing great, Norm Neil and Doug and another neighbor kid - Tyler, have all been working hay since you last heard from me. Guess thats why I havent gotten on much. Time seems to be slipping away this year faster than summers in the past. Tomorrow my baby boy turns 11 years old! We are celebrating his birthday with friends and family with a cook out in the afternoon. We have been searching ALL year for the only thing he wanted for his birthday...a youth model 20 gauge interchangeable barrel shotgun/243. We wernt able to get it as a 20/243 but were able to find a 20/22. We will order the 243 barrel online for him so that he will have his own deer gun this fall to.
Last week we had a very interesting view of a storm rolling in. My neighbor called me and told me to get outside with my camera it looked like we had mountains in the distance...hmmm. Walked outside to see the most magnificent clouds I've ever seen! They did look like we had mountains in the distance, or waves of the ocean. I've never seen clouds like this was really cool! The kids and I watched until the unique clouds disappeared. Very cool. I took a few pictures and of course they just dont do that sky any justice, but here they are any way.

Well I've got to begin preparing for Douglas' birthday party tomorrow, and get some supper laid out. You guys have a great Sunday, I'll be by soon to catch up when things slow down a bit.


  1. I've been lazy about posts too but honestly I'm just busy as I know you are. I guess it's to be expected in summer.

  2. Lovely photos, gosh it looks so peaceful there on your farm.

  3. Great pictures!! I am back from vacation and I will e-mail as soon as I can. Need to catch up with things first.

  4. Love your horses! Glad you are all having so much fun with Babe.

  5. Dear RAE!
    Well things look like summer around there and sound like too! anf HAY..I (we)have till Sept 22nd till Autum begins..don't be talking end of summertime anytime soon!! Tee hee!

    That storm cloud, the rolling swirling one, looks almost exactly like the one I took of the in our area sent a msg out for- while I was riding! I got caught in it!Great shots!

    Babe...oh Babe...hope you take her for some long walks for grooming and brushing (with out-riding).I know she feels useful..(with the work involved in coming home tom you)
    Soometime , to show the mare the love,I show up and it is all about her...her getting another flake of hay-carrots- apples-grass while we stroll together and I dote! She definately looks at me differently the next time I come to,"What are you going to do for me today?? Instead of,"What do I have to do for you today!"

    Hope you found that Youth riffle and are having a grand time HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUGLAS!!!
    See ya soon my Rae!


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