Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I bet you can guess who this is!!!! Saturday we picked Babe up, and dropped Bella off. Now Bella to everyone is the most beautiful horse. BUT to us...Babe is the most beautiful in our eyes! I had promised Leah that she could be the first to ride her again, and I kept true to my word. But Douglas wanted to ride the moment he saw Babe Saturday night when he returned home from his dads. I am SO proud of Douglas I can't even tell you! He has been so scared to even be in a field where a horse it, or even the barn...but yesterday he overcame that fear and got a good lesson on riding from Leah. Leah told him the ropes and we never even led him around, just told him what to do and he did it. He even led her by himself from the field to the barn!
I cannot tell you the joy the last few days have been just having her around again! She remembered us I'm sure and just like she used to be, she knows when a kid is on her back and takes it so easy. We missed this horse so much! Leah was grinning ear to ear when she hopped up on her back for the first time in 3 1/2 years. (ME TOO for that matter!) Babe and King remembered each other and it was like an old friend reunion!

I had forgotten how it feels to ride a horse that your in tune with (I had forgotten how to hold the reigns for a walking horse and kept riding as if I was on a quarter horse...DUH) We tried her out to see if she remembers all the voice commands, she probably hadn't done this since we had her, I'm sure Larry didn't even know she could do that. She was rusty but she remembered to walk from a standstill, gait, and turn! She was rusty on voice commands to turn right or left,stop, or walk from a gait. I told you tho that she was amazing! She has aged in the last 3 years, a little flabby in the muscles, but that will soon all change. We couldnt ride her much, and would have all night if we could, but her feet need some work badly. I called my farrier (forgotten he just had knee surgery) to come straighten her out. He said he was the last to shoe her but that was back in the fall and he couldn't believe her shoes were still on! She is missing on in the back, and her hooves arent level and somewhat splayed and in need of a trim badly. But we were lucky, he has another young man who graduated from farrier school with him and he is coming out today to get her set up right. Now I've never used him, and I'm hoping he is as good as Josh, the guy we usually use. Josh is young, but I tell you this, he is great and does it very well. I love the fact that he is so gentle with my horses yet shoes them properly. He makes it a nice experience for them.
Of course when I rode no one took any pictures, which is usual! I told Leah that had to change today!

On another note, the kids and I were searching Youtube and found some really awesome amazing horse videos. YOU HAVE to watch these horses...the things these horses can do will leave you in awe! You can go HERE - HERE - HERE . Please check them out it will make your day!
Farm work has slowed down since the 1st. Everything is planted and after 2 days of rain growing high and green! So different than this time last year! We are very hopeful this year. Norm took my 3 bottle calves to the sale this morning, I was a little sad to see Toro go...he is such a friendly calf, lets me pick up his feet, loves a neck scratch, and follows me everywhere, but he isnt going to big enough to ride or show so we let him go this morning and bid our farewells. Today after cleaning the barn some, and getting Babe's feet trimmed and shod we will be riding. The house is spic and span...got ready for today last week. I'm talking scrubbing it all down! It feels so good to have such a clean house. I put if off so much with everything else to do, so it was in need of a good cleaning. Well I had better go, time for another cup of coffee, some breakfast and a day of riding! (dont forget to watch those videos, you wont be disappointed and if you love horses you will Love those videos!)
PS has it made anyone else mad that you know who (dont want to put his name here or I'll get all kinds of fools on my blog) has been celebrated so much when this man was charged with Child Molestation? It seems to be that there has been no concern about those children who are watching it plastered all over the TV. Dont get me wrong, he was extremely talented and I appreciate and acknowledge that...but...come on! Its so callous to me! The death of Farrah and Ed have all but been forgotten and lost in the media hype of the other one! Just had to speak my mind on that!


  1. I'm so glad you got your horse back and she's as wonderful as you remember!

  2. How I wish I had learned to ride - it all looks so exciting. Also glad to see you have got in the hay - looks good stuff and I bet it smells gorgeous. We are waiting for a break in the thundery weather before we get in our next lot.

  3. OH RAE!! I am so happy for you and for her...from the sounds of her feet and body and some missing memory too, for commands. You will be the best thing for her and she you!

  4. I am very happy for you all!! I hope someday I can get over my fear and beable to just hop on my horses and ride on a trail for a day. I hope to beable to soon!!

  5. Rae how wonderful to see Doug on a horse, it brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to meet your beautiful Babe.

  6. Oh, I also wanted to mention that I see that you make soaps and would love alittle more information. My husband actually found out about the soaps. I have severe dry skin especially in the winter and I am always looking for stuff to help. So, I would love to hear more about your soaps.

  7. Hi there Christy! Yes she is just as great as before! We just love her!
    Weaver, I wish you had learned to ride too, its never too late! I too love love love the smell of hay, especially when its just cut!
    Hay Kacy! She did better today with her voice commands, i think she just may be a little rusty! Her feet turned out okay, but I'll be glad when my regular farrier is back to work!
    lisa, come on down!!!! Learning to ride on Babe is a real treat! Wish we were closer I need a riding partner when my daughter is not home! I'll get to you on the soaps, you can email me at wilmothfarms at windstream dot net.
    mari....I hope you can pop over for a visit and meet her! I need to come see you as well, we have just been so busy, but i miss talking to my friend!!!! it too almost made me cry to see how quickly he has taken to her and loosing his fears! I'm just such a proud momma over my kids! Leah has learned so much about riding and training over the last year and has no fear, and Douglas has just fallen in love with Babe and will be going on a trail ride with me or Leah here as soona s the weather lets up and isnt so hot! I'll stop over soon!

  8. I'm so happy for you - How lucky you are to have your Babe back!


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