Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday on the farm

(Molly above) We have had some full days lately. Norm has been bailing and raking hay all week. Today he did the yards and mowed a path across the farm for us to ride. Its bumpy from the wet winter with tire tracks from the tractor and cow prints, and in the tall grass its hard for the horses to see all the low spots and with all the rain we also had some "streams" running through causing even more ditches. (Isnt he so sweet to take up all that time just so we could ride??!!)
Even the kittens got into the act! This is Cowboy and King

And even the little Indian couldnt resist a ride in the saddle!

Neil and Michaela (the neighbors down the street and my other "children") spent the day and have been dying to ride the horses and since the temps cooled down tonight they were finally able to. Michaela is too scared to be away from home over night so she didnt stay till morning, but Neil comes over a lot on the weekends and stayed the night with Douglas.

This next pic is Michaela and Cowboy...again the kittens couldnt stay away and wanted to join in the fun (cowboy likes to play with the horses and swing from their tails!)
Cat in the hat?'s really Cat on a hat
This is Neil (he is a little too big for Babe)
But he sure did fall in love with her right away! No she isnt a pony, he is just very tall and she loves hugs so she lowered her head down for some affection from her new friend.
Now this is a better fit!
Can you see the love in Dougs eyes? I have just been so tickled with how he is riding, just jumping up there and going off like he's done this his whole life! he has finally faced his fears, next step is riding King, but he isnt confident enough yet for him.
Michaela was a little scared and has only been on a horse a few times, but she did well for her first time, with lessons from Leah,
Here goes Doug off on his own to the other end of the pasture, he even loped with her! Soon he'll be cantering along like a little cowboy
Best Friends (I love this picture!)
But this is my favorite! I wish it was more clear, my camera was taking some blurry pictures today and I couldnt figure out why.
The geese on the pond were making their way for a good nights rest

We topped the day off with the 5 of us (me and Norm, Leah, Doug, Michaela and Neil) sitting outside watching fireworks down the street making up for the rainy 4th of July, and my good friend Tina came over and we sat outside until well after midnight laughing and having such a good time! The only thing we lacked was a bon fire...why didnt I think of that?
Our days have been filled with horses since Babe has come home, work on the farm has actually slowed down since planting is done and most of the hay bailed and put away. Norm can now finally breathe a little easier now, and hopefully wont have to work anymore 15+ hours a day now thats its slowed down.
So what did you do today?


  1. awww cool photos! Lovely sunset and you could teach your kitty to do tricks on the horses back :D

  2. What a beautiful Kentucky evening...I spent mine grocery shopping at Walmart...I know you had more fun!! Great pictures!

  3. I love the pond shot!! Beautiful!!!

  4. You are making me homesick. I almost drove to Winchester yesterday just so I could go to the drivein movies with Al.
    Your photos are beautiful!

  5. Sounds like a fun day... It's been years since I rode a horse, but I love the smell of horses and leather... and your farm looks like paradise... thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. Wow, Molly is a big horse!!

    When I was a kid, our neighbor used to let us come ride her horses. I used to love it!

  7. You have made me miss riding sooooo much!! I hate you...only kidding..I love you :) You got some wonderful pictures. I so enjoy looking at them :)Maybe one day I will be back up there.....I could only hope.
    Are you still selling? I left you a message on AF and haven't heard back.....let me know I need more soap!!!!!!! Email me if you would like to do it off of AF..more money in your

  8. GReat shots. Nothing better than a day filled with horses!

  9. I have such difficulty getting your site to scroll down so that I can read you. Not sure whether this is your latest post or not, but I do enjoy reading about you and your horses (are they quarter horses?) - I shall keep calling but if I don't leave a comment it is because I can't get to your comments page. Thanks for a lovely tour round you beautiful countryside - best wishes.


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