Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tired Thursday

It's really been busy around here. Summer seems to be slipping away to fast. Before we know it it'll be time for the kids to start school and then the next time we turn around the dreaded winter months will be here! *sigh* We have been taking advantage of the warm summer sun and spending most of the day outside.
Norm has been busy cutting, raking, and bailing hay in the big hay pasture. Tomorrow the guys will all load the hay onto wagons and put it up in the barn and the big round bails will go into the lot for feeding the cattle in the winter.
The silage corn is coming up good, not to mention all the field corn, its huge and just about to tassel. Soy beans are looking good as well. I don't want to jinx us, but it looks like this year will be a good one. We have had a lot of rain, sometimes its been a little much, but its better than last year where we hardly got any! It hurt the crops, the pastures for the cattle, and our hay cuttings badly. This year it's green everywhere, and cattle are fat and happy.
We did have a young heifer die yesterday and we arent sure why. She just laid down and apparently was sleeping when she died. The dead wagon that has been used in the past has changed hands. Rather than making rounds once a week with the old company (meaning that a dead cow could sit several days and stink up the place!) Now they come out the same day, and if unable to come that day they do the very next day. In fact the driver called yesterday to tell us he just couldnt make it from his other trips cause his truck broke down and apologized! What a surprise! I think we will like this new company much better!
I did some work in the garden and have decided that next year we will not plant near as many plants as we have this year. I have too much squash and cucumbers that I dont know what to do with! I'm hoping some of our neighbors and family will take some. If not I'll be putting a sign up in the yard advertising free veggies!
I finally was able to pick a few jalapenos and banana peppers. The green peppers are getting bigger and wont be long until they are ready. I planted a bit later this year so no sweet corn or watermelons yet....really bummed about that!
Today we took a little trip out of town and went to our favorite Chinese restaurant! We haven't been in a year, it's about an hour away where I used to live in the big city, and anymore I really hate going up there. In fact I hate going to town here! The food was great! I began going there when I was 2 years old! My mother and aunt went all the time and of course drug me and my brother along, then after I moved back from North Carolina, I too started taking my kids. Leah and I totally drooled the whole time it was so yummy! :-)
Norm began his farm work when we got home so we didn't see him till after dark, and he went to bed right after supper. We are all beat today, the heat has really drained us! The dew point has been 65 so its humid and you cant help but start to sweat as soon as you go outdoors! This hot and muggy weather makes it hard on the horses so we havent ridden the last two days. We did today for a few minutes. Doug has been dying to ride again, and Leah wanted to ride Babe bareback. She is so smooth so it makes it really easy. We wanted to work on our balance so we decided to bring her up and ride for a small bit. We didnt put the bridle on, just used her halter and some lead girl is so good! Both Leah and horse! Douglas did so well without a saddle! I really have been so proud of him, he has come such a long way since Saturday when we brought her home! After that colt kicked him and severed part of one of his fingers, he was terrified of them. Now he is grooming, tacking the horse, riding and hugging all over her! She knows Doug doesnt know much about what he is doing and that he is a kid, and walks so slow when he is on her. He can get her to gait though! And he did that bareback too! Of course since she is a Tenn. Walker it's so smooth its easy. I however, being so short have a hard time climbing on her and getting down without stirrups! I rode bareback too, but I had more trouble that Douglas, of course I'm old and fat and that makes a difference! She was also getting pretty sweaty and we didn't want to do anything much, so I didn't ride for long like that.
We also got our hands on Buck, haltered him and brought him into the barn for some grooming. he is pretty shy of everyone but Norm. But a mans heart is through his stomach! He did well, much better than I expected! We only had him tied and groomed long enough to brush him down all over and comb his mane. His poor tail is a mess and needs much more work, I'm really hoping we dont have to cut it because it drags the ground and is so beautiful. He is so sun burnt he looks like a buckskin, even though he is really a beautiful chocolate color. He has a tad bit of rain rot too! I guess all this wet weather has been a little hard on his skin. So tomorrow we are going to pick up some stuff to clear it up. Luckily its not bad.
Leah worked with Jack again today, he had a trailer loading lesson, and loaded very well twice with no problem. the second time he took a little longer to walk up, but he still did well. He was saddled for the second time and did great. Leah had her feet in the stirrups and leaned her body onto his back, working on jumping up and down on the ground and into the stirrups, and flapping the stirrups on him. That was the only thing that made him a little nervous, but after a few times he relaxed. I took some pictures I posted below. Well time for bed, more garden work in the morning, horse lessons and grooming, and hopefully taking it easier than today....probably not though! I hope tomorrow i have more time to visit your blogs, I'm just too beat and need to hit the hay. I hope all is well with you! Enjoy the pictures of Jacks lessons!


  1. Cool photos! Glad summer's going well for you.

  2. I love chinese food!! Jack looks like a good boy!!! I would love to come visit. Left you message on my blog.

  3. You are so busy! How are you finding time to make any soap? The weather has been beautiful and gardens seem to be briming with produce. I'm glad your kids are having a good summer. It has flown. I wish I could add on another month with mine home.

  4. Hello Rae!
    Love your new header picture! You knew that I would!
    How old is Jack again? he looks so young..doing well, with the ground training I see too.

    You are one busy lady with that farm..sorry about the cow. Take it wasy yous!

  5. I need no veggies!! there after stating that I can say I sure miss you it has been forever since we have gotten to chat. I need to come and visit Babe.

  6. Hi guys! Yes Amy summer has been beautiful in so many ways this summer!
    Hi there Lisa! I didnt see your message? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chinese food! Come visit anytime chick!
    Cathy I agree...summer ends too soon! I'm not ready for Fall and its right around the corner! My garden is brimming and like I said really kicking my butt right now! I havent really been making much soap lately, I've kinda taken a break, but in my spare time (not much of that lately) I've been making some new products that I need to list online. I just cant seem to make myself stay indoors!
    Hey were my inspiration for the photo! LOL I knew you'd like that one and had to put it up there! Jack is a doll and doing so well, we cant wait until he is old enough that a saddle fits and able to carry us along. I think we'll be able to get him going from start to finish and thats really exciting! I hate it when any of our cows get sick or pass....I dont like to see any animal die!!! Breaks my heart! I get too attached to them!
    Mari, I didn't think you would need any but was gonna leave a bunch on your doorstep! LOL I hope to get over soon! I'm hoping it rains tomorrow so I can visit after church! I cant wait for you to see Babe, you too will fall in love with her...arent Neil and Michaela so cute on them!!?? I'm going to print off some pics for them!


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