Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Farm Update

This week has been a busy one here on the farm.
Torro is coming a long nicely, healthy, and very active little bugger!
Georgia is getting closer to her due date! I'm very excited to experience the birth of a foal for the first time! I have come to grow on Georgia! She now knows that I am the bearer of good food, and she greets me with a friendly rolling snort! Get this! She even let me rub on her the other day! Woo hoo! Trust me that is progress.
Pepper is back to laying...but I wonder why everyone elses chickens lay more than 1 egg a day??? Is my Pepper defective?
Doug went to feed Torro yesterday afternoon and came running back to tell me there was a hawk in the barn...Oh no! Pepper! She was out all day! I ran down to find a Red tail Hawk finishing a meal of pigeon! Whew, pepper dodged the bullet! No more free ranging for her for awhile, now that the hawk knows there is a plentiful supply of pigeons, he'll be back again for an easy meal.
The bathroom that we have had renovated (new tile) is completed. We ended up having to get more linoleum but I really like the floor. Do you know how it is when you have a plan in your mind and its not done the way you want? Well the bath kinda ended up that way. The faucet in the tub is NOT what I picked out. For whatever reason they had to get another one, and i told them to get one like I had...same style...very country. They came back and put up a very modern faucet. Not at all what I wanted. Too late for me to say something.
I have a tile stripe running along the wall that I picked out..white beaded thin strip...I wanted it 3 tiles down from the end cap so that it would flow seamlessly along the wall, without the window or light switch breaking it up...both of these things were told to them several times, before I could say anything again....the stripe is only 1 tile down, with the window and light switch breaking it up...and to top it off the tile is not level in some places. *sigh*
And there is more...I wanted to keep the ceiling smooth, told this as well a few was textured before I even got back from taking Douglas to school!
The bad thing is...My uncle, cousin, and my uncles brother who remodel and build homes are the ones we contracted to do the bathroom and our hardwood floors. What do you do? Basically my uncle did it the way HE wanted rather than what I asked for. Bummed about that, because my vision for the bath is not carried through. I'll post a picture later....too upset to even walk in there right now. The white tile I picked out really brightened the room and made the bath look bigger...hey! A bright spot.
Cow and calf count on the hill is off...another baby was born yesterday which should make 8 calves, and only 7 has been counted for 2 days. This is not unusual, momma usually hides them away for 3 or 4 days before she brings him or her out to be with the rest of the herd.
Hopefully today we will get an accurate count.
Douglas is with his dad this weekend and Norm and I are celebrating my good health report and the fact that I can no longer worry about my cancer, with our good friends Donnie and Michele. I'm hoping to get our other friends and neighbors too, Dennis and Mari to go with us, but I havent been able to talk to Mari yet.
I'm supposed to go to Mari's to take some pictures for our Etsy teams March giveaway.
I'll post the link and instructions to win! It begins March 1st! Yea!
So this morning I've been busy making soap again! I LOVE IT! I also got an order last night, just 36 hours after I re-opened my Etsy shop. I had it closed since the ice storm. I've listed new items too, so come check it out.
I'll be getting some more on there tomorrow...some great body butter...Victoria Secrets - VERY SEXY! YUUUUMMMM is all I can say!
I got a wonderful surprise yesterday!!! Kacy gave me a call on the tele! We have become friends through blogger world and it was so great to "meet" in person! Unfortunately she lives in far away! Why is it that my friends have to be so far away!!!!! Bummer! I do plan one day to get out and meet everyone "proper-like"! I sure NEED to win the lottery so I can do all I plan in life! Kacy it was awesome to talk to you! I hope you get that blog issue worked out, and to get to mine its on my side bar...I NEED to write in it! I also hope that you get those issues we talked about cleared up and over with!
Cathy! Your so close, no reason not to come down and meet up! We'll celebrate our benchmarks with cancer like you said! We are both survivors and should be celebrated! YEA us! So let me know, I'm up for getting together!
Libby Dear - your so great! Leah is home next weekend...Indian??? Can you do that?
Let me know! I am excited to see you again! Hopefully I can meet the boys too!
Did I tell you that I love the dreads????
OOOOH just got an email I made another sell on Etsy! YEA...I get to make more soap! Tomorrow!
I had better jump off here, I gotta get cleaned up, I'm supposed to go to Mari's and take some picks of my giveaway items and email them to the team.
Like I said I'll let you know when its up, the link, and what to do!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. There is something wonderful about all animal babies Wilmoth - but foals - now they are in a class of their own. I have never seen one born but would love to. Hope when the happy event happens you will post masses of photographs.

  2. I don't think anyone's chicken lays more than 1 egg a day. I have 2 chickens and get 2 eggs most days but some days only get 1 because chickens only lay on average 5 out of 7 days.

  3. Dont worry weaver...I'll post tons of pictures you can be sure of that! I just hope I dont miss the whole process!
    Christy - Oh, see I'm a DUH person when it comes to chickens, still learning...she must take breaks too....she is mad at me, found a hawk in barn eating a pigeon so she is in coop for now...she hates that and lets me know when I go into the barn! LOL A prima donna!

  4. Such a happy, upbeat update! Congrats on the good health report, too.

    None of my chickens have ever laid more than an egg a day. And the only chicken I have that lays every day is my brown leghorn...which happens to be the same breed that factory farm use. Leghorns are super egg layers, but they only lay white eggs.

    I'm glad you've made friends with Kacy. She is a dear heart. Lucky you to have chatted with her on the phone, too.

    Blog friends are really great! Like you!


  5. Thanks Lisa! I was reading blogs and I misunderstood what I was reading I guess! DUH! Thanks on the dr report, I'm super happy about that. I dont know what kind of chickens i'm gonna get in the spring yet, my try some Leghorns! Kacy is a doll isnt she! Hopefully we can talk too, you've got my number in your emails I sent you! Give me a ring!


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