Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The biggest ice storm in kentucky history

Blogger is really messing up on me, so this post may be weird!
I have made several posts with pictures of the farm in this beautiful yet disasterous ice mess we have around here! Yes it got bad...as week and still no power. We do have a generator, grill, wood stove so we are doing well. We live in such a small community that we will be last on the list for power to be restored. The kids have been out of school a week today...off tomorrow, but back on thursday....I think everyone is getting cabin fever!
I hope that you injoy the pictures....it kinda shows what its been like, but they dont do this mess any justice really. There is not a tree in our county that has not fallen, been uprooted, or split in two, lost all limbs, and everyone I have seen has lost the tops off the trees. It is crazy. The clean up alone for everyone will take weeks...for us...I hate to think about it....not a single fence of ours is standing with out several breaks in it...hot wire, fencing, it has all snapped....power lines and poles are all snapped on our prop...not a single hot wire fence is working, the pics where it is white, thats not snow...its over an inch in ice every where on everything. I cant tell you enough what its been like, its one of those things you have to see to believe..but I hope none of you have to ever see a storm like this. It is the worse in recorded history....and I hate to imagine what clean up will be like for us. Norm and all the boys where going to begin limb and tree removal and begin on the fences when that is all done...week, maybe two before they can do that, but the wind got up so high today...limbs began falling again, and it wasnt safe to try to do that!
So far no calves...the 8th is the soonest we will get one...cows are minding the fence, even tho its down and not working everwhere....horses have now adjusted, but we got a day of 50 degree temps onSunday...melted everything, so all the horses, calves, cattle, EVERYONE is walking in several inches of water and mud...no way to help them out, and hoping that all the water doesnt hurt the horses hooves...cows for that matter.
King and Jack have finally adjusted....the ice storm dulled all their senses except for hearing, and as you can see in the pic of King....he was alert and listening at all times, I imagine the limbs and trees falling freaked them out. The ice covered all scents....it was strange for them thats for sure.
My chicken began laying eggs Sat...laid 2, skipped Sunday, laid one on Monday! These are her first eggs! I cant believe she began laying in the winter...Ive been told that they dont lay in the winter......but she did! They arent as small as I thought they would be either! I'll post some pics later when power is back on.
I'm at Panera Bread using their free wifi service today.....I dont know when I'll be back on...so I'll tell ya'll now....I miss talking to each of you and I hope that you guys are well..I posted about 20 - 25 pics so scroll down to see them all! Enjoy!


  1. Just take care of yourself. My husband came home from Glendale last night. His family is still without power and all that family in for the funeral but everything went fine. All their fences are damaged and limbs everywhere too. Stay warm.

  2. Wow! Your photos are amazing! Good luck with all the clean up and the fences. I enjoyed hearing all of this especially because my husband is from Frankfort,KY and we live in CA. We have a chocolate lab - you can see photos
    I really like your blog - thanks!

  3. It sounds terrible! I hope it gets better. My hens started laying in the winter too and their eggs are bigger than I thought they would be.

  4. I've just recently started reading your blog and wanted to say hello. I hope things get back to normal in your area soon. Take care and try and stay warm

  5. Rachel - your photographs are amazing - how can we moan about our twelve inches of snow when you have all had such a terrible time. Hope things are soon back to normal for you all = what a clean-up job you are all going to have. That kitten under the blanket picture has the best idea I think.

  6. Hi Cathy! I think our lines come out of glendale.....glad the funeral went okay in spite of everything. One of the line men told us yesterday that the delay is because Ft knox contracted KU to do their electrical work therefore after they got the hospitals and schools, nursing homes up, they had to go to Ft Knox to get them in order before they can work on the rest of the county...I think that sucks! There are elderly still without power and heat!
    Hello Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by! Frankfort is a pretty little city! My step brother lives there now. Thanks for stopping over!!!! I hope you come back to visit again!
    Hey Christy! We have 4 eggs now!!! She seems to be laying every other day! Its funny cause she has all of a sudden gotten protective of her nests! But soon as she realizes its me she tries to make it up by singing her little songs to me! I cant wait to get some more in the spring, have to build them a proper coop tho!
    Hi Patty! Thanks for coming over and reading! I hope you'll come back again soon! Do you have a blog? What is your address?
    Hey there weaver! 12 inches of snow is a lot of us..LOL practically will close KY down for a week! we are such wimps here! he he. This ice storm is a freak for us....they are saying its the worse on recorded history, no one can remember it being this bad...EVER! Crazy! But we'll get it all back to normal, just will take a long while and a lot of work. I wish everyone could see it for themselves, those pictures dont do it justice! Yes..Ive been under blankets a lot lately! Thank God for wood stoves! LOL

  7. Rae! Holy Cow woman!
    That is amazing... so glad that illness and injury kept at bay!
    I do know what that is like, we had a freak ice dumpage that lasted over a week, back in the early 90's...NOT good but imagine very bad for animals. It was before I had my mare. Now when ever the weather gets ick I think of her...cause I don't live with her.
    You animals fared well...chickens laying and King looking alert yes. It does worry them with trees groaning and snapping loudly so.

    I hope that you do ground work with your horse for a few days with and with & without the saddle...warm him up...there are plenty of Buckaroo horses right now, for they are stiff from down time!

    We have warmer too...it has been 20 at night and then 60 in the days...weirdo stuff! But Spring is fickle like that huh!


  8. Wow, impressive pictures. You did I nice job capturing the ice storm. We had a bad one several years back. So sorry to hear of all your damage on the farm :(

  9. gosh while you're having icestorms here we're facing a possible drought, rain is meant to be coming today, at least I hope...

  10. Hi Rachel,
    I'm sorry I haven't been around, I got down with a virus and it took a while to recover. I'm all better now though.

    I can't believe how much snow you've been getting. We still haven't gotten any and like Amy there, we're facing a drought situation. I'm a little concerned now because we have a hand dug well, very little water to work with if a drought hits us.

    My chickens have laid all winter. Each one of my hens lays an egg a day. They haven't missed a day all winter long either. So, you can kinda expect those eggs to keep coming :)


  11. Rae, Amazing pictures... beautiful and yet destructive... the one with the broken tree tops was so sad... poor trees. Hope your horses and cows dry out... and that the family is ok. Take care of yourself.

  12. Hey guys! Again at the local resturant for wifi service! nope KK didnt ride...so bummed out, but cleaned the barn from top to bottom, mucked stalls, calves are nasty creatures let me tell you! My calfs stall was 1ooo times worse than the horse stalls! i hurt sooooo bad Sat night, I thought Sunday morning I'd have to cut my arms off! LOL So I didnt ride...did groom, pick hooves, tood a field trip to the yard for some grass picking for the horses....I'm gonna blog about it...but didnt ride, i just wasnt up to is, and too much to do...so i'm bummed. I dont have a round pen...Norm said he is building me one in the spring.....king does need to warm up, we may just take it slow a few days in his pasture lot and then go out.
    Hey there CG and Amy! This ice storm has really been a doosy! I'm afraid to see what summer brings! last year it was a tornado in feb...this year ice storm....last year drought...bad, this year???? Afraid to see! Amy hope you guys get some rain, I'd lie if I didnt say I was jealous of your summer season
    right now tho!
    Hey Sharon! I've missed talking to you! I'm glad your feeling better now! My hen lays every other day...guess she is lazy! LOL I'll be by to check out things on the old oak swing!
    Hi there Elaine! We finally got elec...but 14 days without phone service, so still no internet! So far the ice storm didnt harm any of the animals! The poor trees tho! Its so sad to look at how they all suffered!
    I'll be by to see you too!
    Take care all!


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