Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Torro Day 3/Mare Update/Calf count/Egg laying has stopped????

I was lucky enough to get a picture of the very first calf born this year! Can you see him??? Next are the first pictures of Torro taken, at a day old. What a cutie!!!!
Torro started out at just over a pint of milk, but wanted more. However not to shock his system and give him scours, we held off for two days feeding a watered down version of milk. He has acted like it wasnt enough so today tried him on a full bottle -full strength and sucked it down, wanting more! My goodness he will be an eater! This afternoon I gave him 1 1/2 bottles (3 quarts) and he filled up and only left a couple sucks of emptying the last bottle! He now knows who his mother is - ME- and follows me everywhere now. He finally got his legs last night, he looked bow legged at first and I was a little worried he had a deformity, but the straightened up good. I exercise him and get him to walk and run as much as I can. He helps me feed the rest of the barn. staying so close that when I stop I have a calf head running into my rear! LOL He jumped, kicking up his heels today for the first time! He is also getting some vitamines every 8 hours , 1/2 ounce due to size, its called Dairy and Beef Multi-Drench. So the critical part is over, unless he scours then its something to really watch, especially at this age, but he is very healthy and active and a great eater, good signs!
Pepper has now filled up a full carton of her cute little brown eggs! However she stopped laying for 3 days!! Any one know why??? Is this normal?
I have finally been by to see everyone, couldnt leave comments for a few, but I have been to everyone I follow! I'm so glad to have cought up!
I've had some new visitors and I want to tell you thanks for coming over to say hello! I hope you'll come back and visit some more! I'll come by and check out your blogs soon, tonight and tomorrow look to be busy....but I can't wait to check your little spot of the world out!
Georgia Update:
We have approximately 2 1 1/2 weeks until she foals...Today her bag has really filled in, and she had some discharge. I wish I knew more what to look for...again any suggestions and info on a mare foaling?
Calf Count
8 - On the Hill
7 - Poodles
5 - Heifers
Total as of 2/25 4:29pm = 20
Calf Lost (included in total above)
Making live calves
Calf Loss Reasons : 1- still birth
1- Buzzards
1- infection in navel area
Twin Count
1 set - Torro (rejected) and brother/buzzards
So yes Kim they can and do sometimes have twins, not often..BUT there are exceptions to every rule. 2008 we had 5 sets of twins and mother took care of both twins, except for on - Oliver...which is one the main reason you get a bottle fed calf. 5 sets is ALOT, only sometimes to you get of our bulls must be throwing twins. So we'll see how many more (if any) we get this year. last year we lost 13 calves - LARGE loss, but the twins help make up for that, and making it 8 loss - 4 or 5 is an average with this many cattle. Last year was super rough on them, the mud was just too much for those little calves.
We usually have a calf for every cow so we are expecting 170 calves...Next year we'll add 20 to that count..if we keep the heifer calves we want to keep this year. It all depends on the grain market.
Sold 20 of the heifer calves yesterday...smaller blacks and some of our Marchigiana mix whites. This is the dumbest thing...the feeder lots prefer an all black calf and will dock you for a white...HOW STUPID..they all eat the smae, but they say (supposedly) that all blacks eat more and gain more...hmmmm not sure on that at all.
Okay so here is the market:
Heifers averaging 430 pounds each brought 78.5 cents a pound (all blacks)
Heifers averaging 646 pounds each brought 75.5( mixed colors mostly blacks)
Thats the average we saw last night. Some heifers brought more than steers which is really differant steers bring more for the most part.
We are still feeding silage, but the mud has forced us out of the troughs and into the field laying it in wind rows and luckily the cows are eating it off the ground, in fact cleaning it up. Cows are fickle creatures, they often dont accept change - at least for a long time.
Well thats all for the report - Oh and Douglas made all A's and B's and Norm is WAY ahead of most who have had the same the worry is gone that he will hurt himself...well at least my worry, it could still happen for a time he needs to be careful...Ha whatever, Norm Careful.


  1. This is so cool to see the new calves and hear about all this stuff! I miss farm life. I will be so happy to get back to it. For now I have your awesome blog! Thanks so much for writing and for the pictures. I know it takes a lot of time to keep up something like this and I want you to know I appreciate it. i truly enjoy reading! THANKS!

  2. Thanks Lib! I LOVE your new dreads...funny thing tho.. other night i dreamed I was putting dreads in my daughters hair! LOL I also dreamed about praying manitis' flying in my own hair and biting me as I threw them off...hmmmm weird weird weird, I must watch what I eat before bed! LOL i'm glad you enjoy, I hope you'll come out to see the farm soon. Now that I have a little one to play with you and the fam would have a great time...we will HAVE to plan a picnic in the spring!

  3. Whewee busy woman!

    Thanks for stoppin by today.
    Your calf is very cute...very dark.

    I am a bit out of it as I am being kicked out of my stable...and it is very upsetting for me and the mare as we never planned on leaving...we have spent 800 dollars on this property to make it home ..and apparetnly, it is so nice that the BO has been coveting it since summer and has been distaining my independace that long too. She and the trainer have devised a way to get me out and got her husband to call me and tell me it was a professional desicion.
    All my freinds are really, really upset and I pray for the BO's but secretly would not be unhappy should they loose some clients over this subversive behaviour!

    They have sent a massive e-mial out to all saying they like me and that I am welcome at the facility still to clinic and pick up freinds for the I am laying low with my great distain for them on my blog...
    I can't talk there..they read it!

    So...sorry for this longie comment! I just wanted you to know why I am not wrting horse stuff on a horsestuff blog.I am a bit dejected at present.

  4. OMG!! Torro is just too cute!! I love hearing and learning. Fantastic!!

    Back soon.


  5. He is gorgeous! Wow! you guys have been busy and all this after all that bad weather. Take care of yourselves.

  6. It isn't unusual for hens that have just started laying to stop for a bit. But she could also be laying elsewhere. I just found a hidden nest with 6 eggs in it! Darn chickens.

  7. I love that Torro. Do hope he doesn't get scour - that is the danger with greedy feeders, isn't it? Do you dose with electrolytes over there?
    Re egg laying - my hens are all getting a bit old and lay when they feel like it, I am afraid'

  8. Kacy - I emailed you....and praying for still has my feathers ruffled and it wasnt even happening to me!
    Hi there M! I'm glad you like! I couldnt pull your blog up last night so I havent been able to get caught up properly! i hope to get by tonight!
    Cathy - Yeah this is a busy time, but its soo much fun each day to find new babies have come along! Soon my mare will foal too! I'm so excited!
    Christy - she laid last night for me! But bad news! I went down to feed Torro about 30 minutes ago and a Redtail Hawk was IN my barn eating pidgeons!!!! She is now refined to the coop and no more free ranging until I can get her more protection...oh she will be mad at me!
    Hi there Weaver - Like Ramblings I couldnt get onto your blog either...I blame it all on my slow dial up! I hope to catch up soon tho i've missed everyone! Yes we use electolytes when needed...i always give them extra water after feeding anyway here at first to make sure the milk isnt too hard on their tummies and to be sure they have good water intake while they are small and more at risk for scours. Like I told Christy..she laid, guess she just didnt feel like it either! LOL
    Good to hear from you all!

  9. Torro is a cutie!!!
    I hope he continues to grow and be healthy.

    Weird how they care what color the calves are. Meat is meat, right? It's like charging more for brown eggs. Strange...



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