Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Should we start acting more like cows I wonder?

~*~Pepper - a.k.a "FARM DIVA"~*~
No, my dear Pepper hasnt changed one bit since I've last talked to you about her. She is as "divaish" as ever if not worse. The world revolves around treats and being anything other than a chicken which has become an unspoken word around her. It is a BAD word. She still thinks she is a cow, prefers cat food and pineapples over *whispering* chicken feed, and her best friend is my horse Gypsy second to only me. She coos to me- yet (excuse the french) B*@^&'s to everyone else who will lend an ear to her squawking. She has to approve of any change, movement, and activity that goes on in and around "her" barn. Man - I LOVE that chicken! For one little "cow" she is one tough bird!
She does however look on the Sunny Side Of Life and the best part of that is tattle telling on everyone she can! Makes me laugh every time...such a Diva!
57 calves left to come!!!! We have entered a stand still..happens every time right about now, seems they take a break before all at once they decide to fill the nursery up again. The "babysitters" have all been chosen and its one of my favorite things to see when I drive out on the farm when we go to check the cattle and do our counts of Cows and Calves to make sure everyone is safe and sound with no calving problems and that calves are all feeding well, and Cows are not having any health problems before calving. How awesome it is, that God has given them seemingly human emotion to "hire" a babysitter to watch over the kiddos when they need a break to graze, or mingle with their buddies for a "mom's day out", just like we do. Isn't it amazing how they also have they have the inherit ability to hide and bed them down when they are first born for the first week, maybe more when they go to eat until the baby's are strong enough to keep up and learn danger, or when its time to calve- to go into the woods away from everyone for labor and quietly give birth hidden away from danger, calves hidden away from everyone and everything. You can tell the weather if you watch your cattle, you'll know a storm or snow or a strong rain is coming - they will be heading for the woods, in flood they will head for high ground. People say cattle are stupid. Are they? Have you ever watched a cow, a herd? Why would someone say this, because they are cautious and can be coaxed into a pen? But lets look at people. How often are humans coaxed into a pen? Followers by nature, not curious enough in fact jumping in with both feet with NO fear of danger. We dont watch that hot wire fence - even when we are told its hot, we have to touch it to see if they are right dont we? No, I disagree, cows are smart, much smarter than we are. They have the sense to stay with they're baby's in quiet, to bond, to get their baby sitters, and often you will see mom run back suddenly to where the baby sitter is laying and check on her baby, giving her calf a lick on the side or head for her own reassurance and walk back to the herd to continue her "Moms day out". Her calf is NEVER forgotten in this important dangerous vulnerable time that is ultimately HER responsibility. She has the smarts to move with the herd when they ALL see the signs that rain or snow is coming, the sky's are darkening with a storm moving in, its time for shelter - move to the woods and protect each other. Letting the trees provide wind break and and umbrella from the rain or snow and cold temperatures. What do we do? We stand at our doors and watch, or go outside and drive to town to the movies with tornado sirens going off, send out kids down the street to play with neighbors we dont know. Keep our weapons in reach of small hands, teach them to be bigots and prejudice, we sit them in front of the TV rather than take them to church, let them out of our sight at ages we should be watching them and holding them closely. We dont say our prayers and often too tired for that kiss - if just to reassure ourselves they are still there, BUT momma cow does - and she is just a stupid cow huh?
I think personally, that we have a lot to learn from a cow when you come to think of it.
Just my thoughts this morning....


  1. Some good insight there. Parenting should come natural to us humans, and I made a lot of mistakes myself, so I know that it really isn't as easy for us "smart" humans!

  2. I love your little diva. And I didn't know cows found 'baby-sitters'. That's really neat! It's amazing to me how animals know what to do!

  3. Excellent post , you are so right about the simple common intelligence of cattle and all animals ,without the silliness and prejudices of humans

  4. I don't think that any kind of animal is dumb. Far from it!! Most animals are a lot smarter than we want to give them credit for...us lofty, sometimes overbearing and overly opinionated humans need to watch and learn a little more often. Nothing better than watching mommas interacting with their precious babies. So very sweet. They obviously love their babies as much as any momma does.

  5. I know Shirley - dont ya wish babies came with instructions! LOL Hey - we all make mistakes and I've made many but I've got great kids still - God has blessed me in spite of it! Being a mom is hard, we need to take a look at the basics and get back to what God intended for us! Animals seem to get it - wonder why humans make it so hard? Isnt it neat Jen! I LOVE seeing those babysitters! Its the cutest thing ever! Pepper is hilarious, I had no clue chickens had personalities! Amen Fernvalley! I too love to watch the interaction of mommas and babies! The tenderness the ALWAYS show with NO aggravation is a lesson so many have to learn! yep humans need to learn by watching animals they ARE far from being dumb!


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